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Perhaps it is just another ….’Not-so-simple’ (Simon)…. coincidence that many notable events in Arugam Bay seem to happen in the Night of the Full Moon………?
(It’s a plug for later stories, folks!)
With this month’s FMP (7th Sept.) in full swing, our poor semi-resident and good friend Simon was arrested at the 3 mile post outside PottuVille at around 1a.m.
A keen, maybe informed (?) search of the front of the van he was a rear passenger therein resulted in a sizable quantity of a certain substance.
The driver, the van itself, the driver’s well known father and another local passenger were taken into custody that night.

Simon has always been and still is a VERY popular, likable guy in our small town; everybody loves him and we already miss his presence.
He is also perhaps the only foreigner who experienced the Full Moon waves at Christmas ’04 together with us, here in the Bay and who still remained loyal and right here with us.
(Everybody else was airlifted out and few ever returned)
So there is a very special bond between Simon and us here at Arugam Bay.
Everyone who visited the Bay since 2003 and ever went to Stardust, Rocco’s, Tropicana Inn, the Tsunami – or indeed the Siam View Hotel will have known popular Simon; because he helped out in all of those places at one time.
All other establishments in the Bay, big or small have most certainly benefited from Simon’ patronage over the years.

Furthermore, Simon’s prolonged, various investments into the local economy has perhaps resulted in a more substantial and direct help the Community has ever received from any of the hundreds of donation endowed Organizations passing through our hamlet ever since Tsu.Day.
This is one of the reasons why we feel that his predicament should be posted; it may be of interest to many.
Without interfering in the local judicial system we are of course very concerned and we are taking whatever steps possible to ensure that our friend will celebrate this Christmas with us or his UK family.

Here follows a totally unconnected warning:
This unfortunate event and this (3mile?) post shall also serve as a warning to everyone that (in theory) Online apotheke hoodia gordonii any Drug Offense in Sri Lanka is a Capital Offense. Ranitidine online
So the law says
Please do not get involved!
Into hard drugs.
Feel free to post any message, perhaps including some words of encouragement here and we will deliver them in person to him at Batticaloa.
More personal and confidential messages can be sent to:

Simon's Fiasco

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  • I like this site and saw it on Yahoo search. I thought your thoughts on Simon Nabbed at Arugam Bay Information are right on. Thanks for writing about this and looking forward to reading more on your site.

  • Well I just want to say Hi to Simon

    Simon I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to skate with you and Adam and Jake back in 1975/6 and the fact that we discovered South Bank as we now know is a very popular Skateboard venue in London.

    I went on to be a skateboard star in my own way.

    I hope you are doing well – sorry to hear about the legal stuff.

    All the best to you and you family.



  • Sorry!
    Forgot the contact e-mail address!
    will do!
    says Mutant!

  • Hallo there, Suvasker!
    Good to see that you have discovered this little Community web site!
    You are still working in Doha, Qatar, right?
    We gave you good enough references to get this job, No?
    Your father still works in the SVH!
    He now is the oldest permanent employee, and he is a very good and loyal one, too.
    He is here right now, and sends his regards to you.
    Regarding Simon:
    Yes, we have his phone number and e-mail address on file here.
    We never give this information out.
    Therefore feel free to write to us, as below, and we will FORWARD your message to Simon at once.
    He is in England now.
    All the very best
    Fred, Somlak & Family
    Arugam Bay

  • suvasker muthiah

    hai simon how are u this is subas muttiah sun in working siamview hottle before tsunami can u joint with me this my addres can u sent your mail addres regard… muthiah subas

  • Dear all,
    thank you so much for the concern and very kind and flatering remarks posted on the site and sent personally, I probably dont deserve them as there was an element of guilt in my involvment, even though it was only suspicion of wrong doing, I probably could have done more to stop these terrible and far reaching events, there
    are two innocent boys still suffering, both in there early twentys whov’e I’ve had to leave in Batticloa prison along with the bastard who was smugling the drugs in the first place.
    I was very lucky to get out as soon as I did , partly with the help and presure from the
    british high comision, and partly due to other actions taken of which I cant go into on a open website
    I cant celebrate to much at the moment until my young friends are also released, Batticoloa is a bad enough prison when your guilty but when innocent it is pure hell.
    But hopfully we’ll have them out soon, and then the celebrations can really begin.
    wish you could all be there to celebrate with us.
    THere is more details of this horrifying experiance on the news page.
    All, All my love, Simon

  • What fantastic news! Simon is “home” and the Bay is receiving visitors. Sounds like life is pretty much back to normal.

    Simon – I’m really happy to hear that you are out and surrounded by people who care about you. Hope you are well.
    Big hugs!

  • Somehow I can imagine that jail in Batti isn’t really a pleasure 😉 – pls pass him our regards,

  • Ideed good News!
    Monika is well informed as always.
    Give Simon just a day or two to get back to normality.
    It has been tense time and he had very difficult 3 weeks.
    Without doubt he will publish his own reply here soon.

  • We just read that Simon’s “back home” after all – thank God/Buddha/Allah! So, welcome back to the SVH, and – take better care next time, will you?? 😉

  • October 5th is another Night of the Full Moon

    Again, yesterday, Monday, we traveled up to Batti to deliver a few goodies and of course all your best wishes and notes of support.
    Apart from being covered in mossie bites from head to toe Simon is actually quite OK.
    He is looking forward to his first Court appearance which is set to be October 5th.
    However, Simon instructed us to obtain the services of a good lawyer to represent him.
    This was done already and we have been advised that a motion of Homos Corpus (or something like that) can be made this morning and one is trying to arrange a special court appearance this very day. Hopefully we have better news for you later.
    We are relieved to hear that the actual charge appears to be a minor one and there is a good chance that the Magistrate will take the 3 weeks remand into consideration.
    Let us hope that another notable event will take place on next month Poya night -or before!- and we have Simon back with us!

    The trip along the coast back to Arugam Bay is always interesting and rarely has a dull moment as we pass through Kalmunai, Nindavour, Akkaraipattu and Tiricoville before reaching Komari and PottuVille. The 120km take about 4 hours.
    At Tiricovil we were caught in a kind of State Funeral with ultra tight security.
    A Tamil police officer, who was a high ranking security guard of a Minister was buried in the sandy beach cemetery which we remember well from Tour tsunami days…
    As late as New Year 2005 the entire area still looked like a scene from a weird horror movie with old bodies washed up, dotted around the road and the wider area.
    I recall a few NGO’s and maybe media filming the impressions which we will always have in our brain and memory. Some of these visitors attributed the bodies to the floods, not knowing that this has always been the biggest burial ground in the area.
    Insight in local knowledge has not changed much I feel, judging by all the other mistakes the NGO’s make to this day.
    Sad to see that, due to much unrest in this area, that there are daily additions to this cemetery.

  • It is Monday afternoon; we all just returned from the main Batticaloa Rest House.
    We are happy to report that Simon is doing fairly well, under the circumstances.
    He looks beter than expected, and he is also in a not too bad frame of mind.
    We had a long chat with him, and apart from common primitive conditions, very bland food he has no complaints other than the fact that he has nobody to talk to.
    Other residents mainly speak Tamil of course, and he has the pleasure of a single room in any event.
    A surprise was that staff is praised for being quite correct and pretty fair and they should be admired for working under very difficult conditions. This paricular Government Department has always been starved of decent funds to the degree that even basic essentials seem beyond their budget.
    We wondered, together, if any NGO has ever wasted a single thought to improve living conditions in this sort of location?
    Doubtful that anyone actually cares, “Care International” or not.
    If thoughtfull Mr. Simon ever does write a book we are informed that he will try to continue to support the less fortunate, from wherever he may be.
    That is Simon for you: Who else would think of taking care of others in such a predicament?

  • I’m sure my husband won’t mind me saying this – Simon, you are a legend! Yes, you make mistakes (as do we all sometimes but maybe not quite to the same degree) but your warmth and good humour are what I remember the most about you. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing at this moment (hopefully sleeping well, given the time) I hope you are well and are able to smile. Can’t wait for the book of your life story. Take care and hopefully see you in the Bay soon. Big hugs!

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