Most Romantic Photo

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Most Romantic Photos

Great! We have attracted your attention. Above is just our idea of the best shot so far. Well done! This Love & Romance Heading has been more powerful than the usual War and Murder Headlines. What we would like YOU to do now is to enjoy the album. Maybe there is someone amongst you who can help us to enable the wider public to change contents of this site. For example, please help us but voting for the best looking couple of the 2006 season, looking at the photos we and others submit. We are no webmasters or experts, and are learning slowly without much assistance how to adopt the Internet to our location and situation. Please contact if you are able to assist us. How to make things better. We are looking forward to provide a transparent, democratic online voting system. This Competition closes 31st December, 2006. Winners will be announced 1st January, 2007

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