Abay & Komari Property Opportunities

Arugam Bay, also known simply as A?a??E?A BayA?a??a?? on the south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka, remains relatively untouched by major tourism development, giving it an extremely chilled out and horizontalis kind of vibe. The main attractions to roll up for are the Yala East National Park, which surrounds the bay, and the splendid surf and water sports opportunities in the locale. Surf bums love it, divers come here in droves and if you merely want to spot dolphins or elephants, this is the way to go. Oh and surfs up whenever you care to learn how. RoccoA?a??a??s Hotel and a host of bars and restaurants are of course completely at your disposal and just down the road. Komari Estate is beginning to make some noise as a blank space in search of commercial guidance.
Komari Estate is situated approximately 19 kilometres north of Arugum Bay and consists of a regularly shaped 77 (190 acres) hectares of A?a??E?deedableA?a??a?? coastal savannah and mature palm trees. The property includes 700 metres of absolute frontage to the pristine Komari bay and a freshwater lagoon to the north.

This is a prime development block totalling 1300 metres, sea facing in length, reaching inland to a depth of 650 metres, with scope for a large hotel/golf resort within short-haul flight from Dubai, or available to be broken up into lesser land parcels for residential, lifestyle block or boutique hotel type development. Alternately, the land may be banked at a reasonable cost. Land prices in this vicinity are approximately one tenth of those on the west coast, which frequently command as much as USD 100,000 per acre. On this side of the island you are looking at USD 15,000 for the same unit of measure. In fact the land price has actually tripled since it was purchased.

The property resides on an unencumbered freehold title known as a colonial deed, which is extremely rare for coastal land in the area. It was originally part of a larger plantation estate, with a deed history on the offered parcel available and verified. All planning and regulatory approvals are in place. This exceptionally rare stretch of tropical beachside terra firma is available for immediate sale.

Infrastructure development in the area continues at Sri LankaA?a??a??s own pace and has even been supplemented with USD 33 million in United States aid to build a new bridge. There is an air strip already located one and a half hours drive away, which offers cheap flights to more central connections at around USD 35, and you can even charter a plane for the day at the princely sum of USD 2,000.

Arugam Bay has actually been earmarked by the Sri Lankan government as a centre for tourism development, especially focusing on the eco-tourism trail based on its proximity to the Yala East national Park. Yala presents a festival of free range wildlife, roaming a natural habitat. Safari tours already allow visitors to get up close and personal with Leopards, assuming that the central nervous system holds up of course, along with the Elephants which are much harder to miss i.e. larger and generally not stalking a main course. The bird sanctuary is also a riotous display of muticoloured chattering avians.

Despite the renewed hostilities between Government forces and the Tamil Tigers of Elam, a recently returned colleague maintains that all is peace, light and tranquility in the vicinity, as the area has remained a well kept secret for long enough. Surfers and divers generally come and go by season and inclination, so down at RoccoA?a??a??s Hotel thereA?a??a??s generally always somebody in residence.

It should also be said that the area has retained its enormous potential in spite of the Tsunami and remains reminiscent of Bali thirty years ago. For those that were acquainted with Bali at the time, this would undoubtedly define the highly A?a??E?relaxedA?a??a?? aura hovering around Arugam Bay and its resort A?a??E?in waitingA?a??a?? further on up the road at Komari. A time warp, perhaps so, but there is more than a little weight behind the investment argument.

We of course are a publishing house, not an estate agency, but we are here to analyse and distill the good from the bad on behalf of our readers. So if you would care to debate the subject further, we are usually around unless the intensity of the midday sun has driven us in search of more clement weather. Talking of which, south west Sri Lanka is one of the places we would cheerfully consider, with the mercury sitting at 25 comfortable degrees Celsius throughout a customarily stifling Arabian Summer.

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