Ghost spotted in Arugam Bay

Ghost spotted in Arugam Bay

Is this a trick of firelight and smoke or did a mediaeval knight appear on the beach in Arugam Bay last weekend?

I like to think its the latter… where better for a spirit to hang out than on a beach in Sri Lanka…

The fuzzy silhouette is Clody, but above her right shoulder.. there he is, walking/floating from left to right…. a ghost image of Crusader Knight….

Ghost image

In close up and after fiddling with the brightness it still looks a bit like a ghost in a white cassock thing, with a red St. George cross, and grey, chainmail covered arms and a helmet on his head.

Ghost Image

I think further scientific study is require… don’t you?


Rhythmic Diaspora said…
It could be a left over England football supporter. Left Germany and found themselves in Arugam Bay. These kind of things are surprisingly common.

Billy said…
I think you could be right….. where better to hide ones shame at a pathetic world cup performance than in a land of cricketers, on a beach for surfers?

Anonymous said…
Dawg, whatever shit you were smoking that night at Arugam Bay was definitely good shit.. can I have some too?

Buy cheap cymbalta no prescription Rhythmic Diaspora said…
They didn’t plan on you and your camera did they!!

Theena said…

I hear the *ahem* “herbal substances” in Arugam Bay is of fantastic quality. I am now a believer.

But seriously though, that is some optical illusion. The second picture, where you’ve zoomed in and adjusted the brightness, is actually pretty freaky.

It can happen though. I live near St Lucias Cathedral in Kotahena. In the nights when you are passing by, it appears that the statue of Jesus is waving. First time I saw it, I was high, but I saw it sober too.

childof25 said…
seems a tad short for a Crusador no? 🙂

Yanik said…
Ill be in A’bay next weekend..Cant wait, hope i see the dude..

Billy said…
Thanks for the comments, I’ve never been called ‘Dawg’ before. I like it.

The Kotahena Cathedral, with the waving Jesus sounds interesting, bizarre but interesting.

Herbal substances were no where in sight I’m happy to report. Although maybe my Canon EOS sneaked off for a doobie whilst I wasn’t looking.

Byron&Emma said…
I personally believe there is a direct correlation between Crusader ghost sitings and playing dungeons and dragons as a kid. Though I do hear the buddhists are glowing in Sri Lanka.. my money’s on the crusader with its strength, agility and horsemanship to kick the little fat kids ass.

Sammy Reilly said…
Hi Billy,

I think ‘dawg’ is rather you. . .

Great photos too!

Lots of love
Sammy xxxxx

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