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Saturday, March 25, 2006

On the Road

It is pretty astounding sometimes just how beautiful Sri Lanka can be and how very lucky we are to work here. I pity the fools (Mr. T?) who have to commute in cities all over the world and who don’t pass this type of scenery on the way to work/meetings.I’m a lucky puppy…

Going on Holiday! To Thailand next week. I have given up backpacking and will be gadget shopping and eating gourmet food hopefully.

Batti Lagoon is always a great spot to take photos, on an evening stroll with my colleague the other day I snapped these…..

Batti Boats

The fishermen had a small haul of prawns and were disappointed by their catch. They offered us a boat ride too… but I’m not one to sit in little boats with expensive cameras


Zehra and Emma stroll through Ampara in the cool of a Sunday evening…. all the world comes out onto the street to watch the world pass, chat and smile….


Birds birds birds…. a pair of Egrets, the male in Breeding Plummage… he’s pining for the fjords……

cattle egrets

Weird…. check out Cloud Appreciation
Big Sky

Its a dirty job, but someones gotta do it….


This juvenile Tern will fly to Europe next year….

Head Tern

Thursday, March 23, 2006

No More Tears Sister

No More Tears Sister is a film about Ranjani Thiranagama who was a human rights activitst in Jaffna, linked with the Jaffna University Teachers for Human Rights. She was assisinated in 1989 in Jaffna by, many believe, the LTTE after her book The Broken Palmyrah upset both the Tigers and the Government.The film sounds moving, honest and, like all great and thoughtful films, universally applicable to the conflicts that exist within people and nations all over the world.

It doesn’t seem to be available on DVD, but if anyone knows where to get a copy in Colombo let me know….

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Writing on Glass


I quite like fleurs

Red flower

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kalmunai Beach

There is long strech of coast in the north of Ampara district that was very badly damaged in the tsunami…. last week things seemed to be picking up. New boats were everywhere and life seems almost normal again. Whether the fishing sector is as corrupt and over funded as people seem to think is another matter, but it makes for some nice photos…..Fishing Boat


New Fleet

Some fishermen use nets, huge nets, which they pull in by hand from the beach….

Pulling the net

I’ve no idea how they share the profits or who gets paid or who just joins in to help


But this guy… really seemed to be the leader, and had a hell of a strong looking back….

Fisherman's Back

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Great Purple Flower, Ladybird and Green Background Debate

Well, not really a debate, more a conversation, or potentially a discussion, that’s if anyone is bothered by Purple Flowers, Ladybirds and Green Backgrounds.

Any way, it all started long long ago (this afernoon) in a far off city (Kinshasa) where Mr. Fred (see link on the right) sent me a comment on flickr about this ……

Lady Bird

A cropped image I took of a beautiful purple flower on a sand dune in Pottuvil that happened to have a little red ladybird on it with …. shock horror… no spots. I had cropped the photo from this……

Lots of Green, little lady bird

Now Fred thinks I should have further cropped the first photo to concentrate on the flower and ladybird…. I quite liked the elongated effort though. But when I looked at the uncropped image (above) I thought- “maybe it didn’t need cropping at all, omg I’m soooo confused, film photography was never this hard, just took the film to Boots and stuck it in an albumn etc. etc.”

So Dear Readers (i.e. Pauline from Upper Piddleton, Devon (or is it Dorset?)), what do you think? Should I have cropped more? Should I have not cropped at all? Or should I just have stuck with the first photo I took…….


Please help me sleep better and post an opinion.


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