Instant Justice -v- Sri Lankan system

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The report about instant justice in Thailand, just 2,000km directly opposite Arugam Bay has only one other connection with Sri Lanka.
It is the total opposite is judical approach and speed of proceedings.
In Thailand the accused in this sad but remarkable case are aprehended, arrested & sentenced (maybe to death) even before their victim is buried (or cremated in this case).
If this is not a case like the Birmingham bombers (where under public pressure the police got the wrong guys) this firm approach will serve to install confidence in the THai system.
In Sri Lanka things are differend. Even if the police is able to find the culprits (doubtful often) there are cases in Court for 10 years before sentence is passed……
Maybe we have more to learn from Thailand than how to run a tourist industry, give good service and deal with crime?
Please judge from the following clip of the BBC web site:

Men face sentence for Thai murder
Katherine Horton and Ruth Adams on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui on New YearA?a??E?s Day
Katherine Horton was on holiday with friend Ruth Adams

Two fishermen are awaiting sentence for the rape and murder of British student Katherine Horton following their trial in Thailand on Friday, 13th January, 2006.

A court heard how Miss Horton, 21, from Cardiff, was beaten with a parasol pole and later dragged out to sea off Koh Samui where she drowned.

Wichai Somkhaoyai, 24 and Bualoi Posit, 23, admitted rape and conspiracy to kill at the court in Surat Thani.

The case has been adjourned until next Wednesday when the men face sentencing.

The fishermen will return to court where the judge will decide whether to pass the maximum sentence of death.

The one-day trial on Friday was told that the men had been watching pornographic films on their boat on the evening of 1 January.

They then swam ashore using plastic petrol cans as buoyancy and attacked Miss Horton on the beach as she talked to her mother on her mobile phone.

The men hit her about the head and shoulders with a parasol pole and took turns to rape her while the other held her down, the trial heard.

After that they dragged her out to sea to a boat and used that to tow her further out, where the Reading University student drowned.

The court heard that a British tourist, Christopher Burrows, who later found Miss HortonA?a??E?s mobile phone on the beach, heard a faint voice calling out in English: “IA?a??E?m sinking, IA?a??E?m sinking.”

Wichai Somkhaoyai (left) and Bualoi Posit arrive in court on Friday
The suspects appeared in court at Surat Thani on Friday

The discovery of the mobile phone on the beach led police to investigate fishing boats moored offshore, the trial was told.

Thai officers boarded the boats posing as fish traders, before telling those on board DNA tests would be carried out.

The court was told it was at this point the two men on trial admitted they carried out the murder.

The attack took place at 2100 local time on New YearA?a??E?s Day, close to where Miss Horton was staying on Lamai Beach, on the island of Koh Samui.

Her body was washed up the next morning on a remote beach a few kilometres away where it was found by a water biker.

The trial on Friday heard from eight witnesses, including police officers, forensic doctors and fishermen.

The fishermen did not address the court directly, but confirmed their earlier statements admitting guilt.

Memorial blessing

ThailandA?a??E?s prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has declared that the men should face the maximum penalty because of damage done to the countryA?a??E?s image.

The provisional court of Surat Thani is around 330 miles (520 kilometres) south west of the capital Bangkok.

Bungalow accommodation on Lamai beach
Miss Horton was staying with a friend in bungalows on Lamai beach

Miss Horton had travelled to Thailand with a university friend for a two-week holiday.

She had been on Lamai beach with a group of friends on 1 January, close to the bungalows they had rented, when she is said to have wandered away to speak to her mother on her mobile phone.

Her body was discovered some 12 hours later.

Miss HortonA?a??E?s funeral will take place on Tuesday at St IsanA?a??E?s Church, in Llanishen, Cardiff, followed by private cremation.

Meanwhile, a service of prayer for Miss Horton took place on Thursday at Reading University where she was a psychology undergraduate.
A Buddhist memorial blessing in Miss HortonA?a??E?s memory was held on Thursday on Lamai beach by the people of Koh Samui.

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