Nice! To see that Arugam Bay is being mentioned.
Sad  that this promotion used totally wrong images. Causing dismay to the entire Surf Community.

This just in from London. Carve reader Will Robertson sent in this pic of a Sri Lanka tourist board ad which is all over London underground.

“It’s been a while since I last surfed A Bay, but judging from this poster on the wall of the London tube the reef must have shifted and it’s got a lot more square. And Fanning’s doing a good job of surfing it switch too.

It’s definitely a “different kind of surf” – quite literally.

Oh how lazy ad people can miss some fundamentals – thought I would share the love.”

Not sure what is more annoying. Using a wave from a totally different ocean as A Bay (A Bay is actually very fun in its own right). The sacrilege of putting Mick the wrong way round. Or the irony that we actually emailed Sri Lanka tourist board to offer a bit of help before Christmas and they ignored our emails.

If you want a campaign done right, maybe hire surfing art director?

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  • Not only the Tourist Board, but most of the guys in power in modern day Sri Lanka behave that way:
    They always know everything Best and will never accept the well-meant advice from any foreigner. There are only local men in charge of everything, most are pretty unqualified for the job they are in – but this is a fact they will never accept.
    This is why this otherwise beautiful island is getting nowhere.

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