Why is No One in Arugam Bay?

Simon Hill asked:

Why is AbaY so empty?

I know it’s not the surfing season, but the weather is lovely, the beach is clean and the sea swimmable.

The place is virtually deserted and I have been offered a bungalow on the beach for 800 rupees. I chose an upstairs room with sea view, fronting the beach for 1200.

Absolute bargain for anyone wanting to get away from the crowds and relax for a few days.

Answer given:
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**Q.: Why is nobody in Arugam Bay?
A: There are a few reasons for this:
1.) All the guide books claim it’s “Off”- Season in the Bay
2.) Others mention: “It’s BEST to visit March to November”
3.) West and South Coast propaganda: “Don’t go to AbaY” (Tamils, Muslims. Problems…)
4.) There are no facilities (again claims by other jealous resorts in the South)
5.) It’s too far (from the airport)

Fact is that Arugam Bay is set to be the No.1 resort on the entire island.


Because there are 333 days of sunshine / year
The Bay has good surf, good swimming, no pollution, great wild life all round and now already there are the best restaurants on the island. In the Bay of Arugam.
There is lots of space, and wonderful historical sites to explore: ALL YEAR ROUND
Arugam Bay has been a secret insider only destination. But now the Bay has been discovered. By critical people just as you.

Thanks for that!**

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  • Hi,
    I was in Arugam in this time 3 years ago, it was perfect for swiming, chilling…, nobody there – this the way my travelling, remembered Christopher….

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