Arugam Bay

is now entering it’s perhaps “Highest Season” ever. Right now, there are plenty of vacancies. But: Mainly in the low budget accommodation range

Arugam Bay is a GREEN resort. So far….

The few better class and specially air-conditioned rooms are very much in demand. It is HOT in the Bay! Book NOW!

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2 Responses to “Vacancies”

  • Please do as common in Sri Lanka:
    Write an application on a half sheet & submit that to us.
    If you are – like we are – Internet based:
    |Send a full e-mail to us.
    Better still:
    Attach your Facebook link & name.
    Then we can judge best if the chemistry between you and the relaxed AbaY crowd is right – for both sides.

  • sir, i am a undergraduate student in pottuvil and also i am reading Higher National Diploma in Accountancy and reading BBA external in South eastern university of Sri Lanka.If you wish may provide a part time jop to me.I am expecting your cordial reply.

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