Sandhill nr. Arugam Bay

Sandhill – An amazing landscape

order v-gel capsules Posted: 25 Jan 2009 03:55 AM PST

Sandhill, which is well known as a??Aamaraputtya?? in Pottuvil is an amazing place to see. The attractive is coming through to this site by its phenomenal height and some of the natural features such as trees and sand hills.

First thing first, since it was a great place, most of the local people get together in their special days to celebrate the day. Many people still amazed at the giant built of this sandhill. But, nowadays there are some concerns over this phenomenal place, where sand mining is takes place, by this Sandhill faces the vulnarabilites to exist. There are plenty of measures already taken by local authority to control sand mining. Natural wonders should be protected unless we might face some Tsunani like devastation as this sandhill was been a barrier wall for 2004 December Tsunami hit the island and made several devastation through out the Pottuvil village.

Here are some important facts about Sandhill

  • Highest peak: 32feet (9.6m)
  • Land area: 21 acres
  • Temperature: (Mean annual) 28.4 degree C in the surroundings. Relative humidity varies from 70% during the day 90% at night.
  • Rainy seasons: North East monsoon (November to February)
  • Special features: Order rizact 5 Archeological site found at along side of sand hill, Small rocks were stand on the sea shore.

Here are some of the images we took at Sandhill aka Aamaraputty


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