Green Lung of Asia

The responsible world begins to take global warming serious.
And Sri Lanka is planning to point out its unique ecological position.
The island Nation, it is said, has NO Co2 emission at all.
Indeed, our green Island produces more Oxygen than its own emission of harmful gasses. is informed that if this claim is proven to be correct, it will form the back bone of the entire future strategy of the Tourist Board.

In Arugam Bay we are blessed with no sea pollution at all.
That’s obvious, as we clearly have no industry or sewage which could ever spoil the quality of our blue waters.

Due to foreseeable energy shortages a few fossil fuel power stations are under construction in places like Trincomalee. The government might be forgiven to seek quick fix solutions; Ministers are busy with more pressing tasks. however feels that wise and western NGO’s should have played a better role in using their huge financial muscle to influence policy and educate our small developing Nation.
Starting by giving a good example, for example?
In the case of Arugam Bay the exact opposite has happened!
Still, there is not a single solar panel around, there still are no windmills on any of our windswept beaches or hills, no renewable energy sources qualified for funding, there hasn’t even been a single low energy bulb donated (or used in NGO’s offices!!).
Instead, guys like Mercy Corps donated:
1.) Two stroke Mopeds (instead of electric ones, available for the same price)
2.) Compressor fridges and freezers (instead of LPG or inverter or heat pump systems)
3.) Two stoke 3-wheelers (outlawed in most Nations, the 4 Stroke BajajA?A? was available)
4.) Electric water heaters are said to be donated and installed in small restaurants
5.) Noise & beach polluting boats and Suzuki Kerosine engines
6.) Obscure Las Vegas Style light chains for visiting TV stunts like O.W. “Lights of Hope”
…….and many more energy consuming gimmicks were dished out in true US style, just to obtain a good photo for the distant donors and for the flash M/C newsletter.
Buy tadacip from india at the time tried to help organizations such as Mercy Corps and The Angel Network to see the light of the future and use chances a remote enclave like the Bay offered to them and their long-term plans.
Our help was refused – and our own bed sheet poster, at the time: “No light – No hope” was of course totally ignored. Although much more appropriate, as NONE of the great Mercy Corpse funded ‘projects’ survived the first year of ‘operation.
Indeed, some dismissed and jobless staff had to be drafted in for the follow-on Oprah show to state “how much the US guys have changed our lives” and so on.
Five minutes after the TV guys left – the local girls of the tailor shopA?A? were without any job again, until this very day…A great deception some would call it.

It is with regret and great sadness that with all the huge sums collected, and the wisdom the rest of the world possesses regarding the future of our GREEN planet that we seem unable to begin to make realistic changes in a greenfield micro location such as Arugam Bay.
We (the NGO’s) had the cash, we had the knowledge and wisdom – and still the end effect has been totally negative.
We even damaged our own environment more than before 2004.
We had a great chance to build a better place, but it was totally missed.
At least ever since the arrival of ‘expert’ men and women from overseas.
Online prescription for cymbalta And thanks to Mercy Corps to change lives in Arugam Bay!
(Closing words of Ms. Whinfrey in her show on Arugam Bay)

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