A School for All?

Arugam.info has long campaigned for a true Common School.
An establishment where all children learn to grow up and respect each other’s culture.
NGO’s build more Separatist schools instead.
Now a wise local politician seems to agree with us at Arugam Bay

By Yohan Perera
Activities of the Karuna faction in Pottuvil have slowed down during the past few weeks, a Pottuvil Pradeshiya Sabha member said yesterday.
Pottuvil area was in a state of tension due to acts of terror by Karuna Group. A recent tussle between the Pradeshiya Sabaha and the Karuna group over a building which belonged to the local body too had led to the tense situation in the area.
The dispute arose when the Pradeshiya Sabha wanted to demolish the building to put up a new one. The Karuna group which was against it had tried to prevent the demolition and the police referred the case to the Pottuvil courts.
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The local politician who did not want to be named said more practical steps should be taken to bring about peace in the area. Buy xenical orlistat online He said children of all communities should be allowed to attend any school. A?a??A?Schools run on ethnic basis as Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim must cease to exist,A?a??A? he said

source: Daily Mirror

1 Response to “A School for All?”

  • Arugam Bay and the entire area really need a common school for All!
    Why does nobody make one?
    It is the only way to get peace on our island.
    written by me a visitor to the Bay called Josh
    dictated a local Tamil boy called Kumar

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