Cross Tusker shot has been informed that a popular and well known local elephant was shot and badly wounded by a home guard in Panama a few days ago.
Sadly this conflict exists, but what makes this particular event so tragic is the fact that the injured animal is believed to be the last remaining How much keftab Cross Tusker in Sri Lanka.
tusker2.jpg is about to obtain and issue recent photographs of the injured bull.
The authorities, in this case take the event extremely serious:
A Helicopter was scrambled, the wild life director and leading vets are on location and the animal, shot above the knee is receiving all possible attention.

The big worry is that the tusker cannot stand up unaided and might not be able to recover.

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  • We are all sad to inform you that this rare or unique cross tusker has died.
    The complete head was removed and has just been transported through Arugam Bay; maybe on its way to the museum.
    We have been promised some photos.
    The road to Panama is better, but still flooded.

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