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New Year Party Invitation

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NO need for any reservation!
Just turn up and join in.

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Join us as we Celebrate NYE at the Old, Original – non Commercial – Siam View, Arugam Bay.
Music provided by ALOKA with DJ DIL from the Maldives.
Special Thai Foof & Drink Deals.
NO dress Code!
FREE Entrance!
Be the 1st on Sri Lanka to welcome the New Year – on the still not too commercialized Eastern Coast.

Transfers to/ from the Bay

Good Transfers.
Airport(s) to AbaY:

Happy Passengers !

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Book Now! For 2014

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Most popular Arugam Bay Hotels are now almost fully booked.
For the 2014 main season.
Reserve Now – To A?grab the last few remaining good rooms in our village.

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Very few good rooms left. For 2014

Contact us

Gold Medalist’s welcome

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On 1st of February 2014, everyone in Pottuvil gathered to greet the champion sprinter A.L.M. Ashraf, who bagged a gold medal as a team member at Lusofonia Games held in Goa, India in 4×100 relay. The Happy procession also traveled through Arugam Bay.

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Sprinter A.L.M. Ashraf. On the white D.S. Pickup truck


Terrorism Essays

Haldol buy Where to buy arimidex australia Studentsa?? essays can belong to different genres a?? then can be written in humorous style, can include some romantic motives, can be documentary without any emotions and so on. But when it is talked of terrorism essays the dominant emotions in them become horror, fear, and defenselessness. Terrorism is the product of our well-developed civilization with its political and social problems on an international scale. Terrorists cannot be predicted, they cannot be prevented because their plans are secret. That is why writing papers on this topic is unfortunately very actual nowadays, because a lot of countries face terrorism as one of the major problems.

If you do not know enough about terrorism, its reasons and consequences, or have no wish to write an article devoted to this theme, you can make an order at our online writing service and get a perfectly written, well -structured paper that will be full of interesting information. However if you want to write a good article without assistance, we will open some secrets of successful writing for you.

In order to write a good paper on terrorism try not to hide your emotions. It does not mean that you need to be rather critical. But you have to understand that terrorism is a global disaster and there are no people (except for terrorists) who like it or who support it. That is why your statements should be filled emotionally, showing that you understand how awful the terrorism is and how much you want it to be somehow stopped forever. But at the same time never share your opinion concerning the right or wrong behavior of various politicians, because in the case if you do so, you may find opponents (for example, your tutor) who will think in a different way and subconsciously they will have not the best impression of your essay, even if it is perfect.

It is also very important not to forget about the structure of your paper. You should write an introduction, where you state the topic and explain it briefly. After that you should write the main body that must consist of two or more paragraphs, where you present a separate viewpoint and support it with various reasons and statements. And in the end you need to write a conclusion that should be a brief summary of everything that you have written. Apart from that a useful hint is to begin each paragraph with a topic sentence where you give the main idea of the paragraph. And of course to make your article easily read you should use linking words throughout the whole paper.

So you see that writing terrorism essays can be not so horrible if you know some special tips about them.

All is possible @ remote AbaY

Non of those photos have been taken in Arugam.
They could have been.
All is possible to experience in a condensed little corner of our island:
At Where to buy stromectol Arugam Bay !
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That sort if incident did happen. At Lahugala. On the Main A4 road. Take care!

That does happen. Every day. At Kumana. Where the Arugam Road ends at the BIG river. Across from Yala

That does happen. Every year. When weird one day flies hatch. It looks like fog clouds actually, specially around a light source

THAT. And an even BIGGER swell did happen. At Arugam Bay. End 2004 ....;-((



Arugam Bay

is now entering it’s perhaps “Highest Season” ever. Right now, there are plenty of vacancies. But: Mainly in the low budget accommodation range

Arugam Bay is a GREEN resort. So far….

The few better class and specially air-conditioned rooms are very much in demand. It is HOT in the Bay! Book NOW!

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Common Travel Scams

Watch out for some of those Common scams While youa??re often safer overseas than you are in your hometown, a few scams seem to pop up all over the world. Repeat the mantra: if it looks too good to be true, it must be too good to be truea??

Most points below we spotted on Lonely Planet web page – Some are relevant (for a change;-)

1. Fake police

Delivery erexin-v Sometimes also the real police, theya??ll demand to see your passport and find something wrong with your visa, but then suggest your troubles will all be over if you pay a fine. To them. In cash. Right now. Standing your ground and offering to accompany them to the station will usually see the error a??excuseda??.

2. Gem or carpet deals

On entry into a store, often prompted by an enthusiastic taxi or rickshaw driver, you will be offered a deal so preposterously lucrative that refusing it seems unthinkable. Think again a?? those gems are going to be worthless and the carpet you buy may not make it home at all. There are legitimate traders selling both jewels and rugs, and they dona??t act like this.

3. Airport taxis

Drivers taking you into town might try every trick in the book, from asking you for an inflated fare to driving around the streets to raise the price higher. This is usually harmless, but you should only travel with licensed taxis and, if you cana??t pay in advance, agree on a fee before starting out and dona??t pay until you get where you want to be.

4. a??This is closeda??

In some countries everyone from touts to taxi drivers will try to tell you that your chosen hotel, restaurant or shop is closeda??but therea??s another, even better one you should visit, where they can pick up a commission. This is more annoying than harmful, but always insist on having a look for yourself.

5. Surf Board rental scam

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This may be gummed together again. To rent ?

You shop around for the ‘best’ deal. The cheapest shop often turns out to be the most expensive. This how the scam works: A tourist breaks his board. The local mini mafia buys it. To make a ‘sign’ or so. Instead they patch it up again, gloss the joint over so that the repair can’t be spotted. First wave you catch snaps the board in half. Again. The rental guys come on heavy and demand huge sums for the previously ‘perfect” board. Rent from reputable shops only. And inspect the board carefully before accepting it. Look for lumps , chips, loose fins or other damage.

6. Motorbike scam #1

Living out your dream of riding a scooter for a day around the countryside quickly turns into a nightmare when the bike youa??re riding breaks down or you have an accident. The owner of the motorbike is quick to escort you and your damaged bike (which doesna??t look in that bad a state) to the repair joint of their choice, Continue reading ‘Common Travel Scams’



Ceylon’sA?extinct race

Just a 3ft - 1 meter tall race

Just few miles due South of Arugam Bay a mystery cave with an amazing history might exist.
new High Tech Geocaching Initiative Epivir-hbv price hopes to shine some light onto this legend.
Geocatching is a respected, non intrusive GPS Sat . Navigation . To locate, pinpoint & map interesting places. NOTHING will ever be disturbed or interfered with on any given location.


The Nittaewo, (sometimes spelt without the a or as Nittevo) were said to be a small tribe of small bigfoot or Yeti type homins. Pliny the Elder mentioned the Nittaewo as a small, hairy tribe of people living in the country of Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka. They lived at the same time as the Veddha.

VEDDAH & Nittaewo inhabited Ceylon

The Veddhas are a tribe which still live, mainly as farmers, on the island of Sri Lanka and, their legends say they are responsible for wiping out the Nittaewo roughly 250 years ago. According to the Veddha tradition recorded by Frederick Lewis in 1914, the Nittaewo were approximately three feet (1 metre) tall, the females being shorter than the males. They walked erect, had no tails and were completely naked. Their arms were short and they had talon like nails, lived in trees, caves and crevices and caught and ate small animals like the hare, squirrel and tortoise. They lived in groups of 10 or 20 and their speech was like the twittering of birds. They were said to be exterminated in the late eighteenth century by the Veddhas because the both tribes were constantly fighting and the Nittaewo began to take the Veddhaa??s children. The elders of the Veddhaa??s decided that something had to be done. The Nittaewo were trapped in a cave, which the Veddhas blocked the entrance to with wood and set it a blaze killing all that remained of the Nittaewo.

The actual cave has never been found. As yet.

Could this be an ancient man ?

These remains are at Kubumingala CaveA?monastery. It seems to be a fully grown adult, but very small

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In 1887, British explorer Hugh Nevill documented recent tales of the warfare occurring between the Veddhas and the Nittaewo. The Nittaewo being extinct at this point in time. Continue reading ‘Nitteawo’

May. In the Bay

Pletal generic name Sunny. Bright, Dry, Calm
Arugam Bay just before the main Surf Season

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Winter? What Winter?

The few visitors in town can’t get over their surprise.
Having been told about the so-called “Rainy Season” in the East.
Instead, they found the best possible weather;
Mild, Sunny, Dry = Perfect !
It has not rained a single day this Year at Arugam Bay!
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Eastern "Rainy" Season. 30/January 2012

It is in fact the best time of year to explore the Bay and its beautiful surroundings.
Do not forget to visit Kudumbi Gala CaveA?Monastery!
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Arugam’s Beautiful Curry Chef!

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Samanthi . . . . Sri Lanka's most beautiful Chef

After all these years of travelling to Sri Lanka, and living for months in Arugam Bay, i have failed to hail the unsung heroa??s and heroina??s of this tropical isle. So, ia??m going to start with the one person that provides me with all the fuel i need to surf! Samanthi is affectionately known as a??Number 1 sistera??. I have known Samanthi and her family for the past 6 years. She and her sister, Erandathi, were the teachers at the Pre-School, near the Buddhist Temple, at the south end of the village. Samanthi and her family have fed and watered me over this time. They have even tolerated me living in their cabanas and at times the castle. I have to surf and go fishing to prevent the weight piling on! The problem is the food! Samanthia??s cooking is the best. It is not only the Rice n Curries that she serves up, but the cakes, pizzas, desserts and short eats. I never come home to Devon lighter than when i went out. Samanthi heads a team of sisters in the kitchen. She is up and starting the kitchen duties at six every morning, and regularly works through until midnight during the tourist season. Way back, when i first arrived, it was Amma doing the cooking, and forever supplying me and the brothers with Tea. Now it is Samanthi, with the assistance of younger sisters Gayani and Ruwanthi, and cousins Geeva and Sudu. There is a constant call for me to come and eat from the kitchen, and if i miss a meal, it is always waiting there for my return. Not only is Samanthi an awesome cook, but she is also beautiful. Be warned though! She has four protective brothers, a father, and a brother in law!


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Arugam Bay Freedom

Be FREE @ Arugam Bay !

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Arugam Bay “Freedom Beach” Cabanas

These family run cabanas have recently been refurbished. They are sporting new tiled bathrooms, ceilings, mosquito nets and verandas. The garden now has grass and feels so good underfoot.
Come and enjoy a touch of family life in Arugam Bay. Beautiful home cooked traditional Sri Lankan food as well as western dishes for those desiring a touch of home. Sunday Roast on request. Party BBQa??s and Buffet Dinners for those wishing to celebrate a special occasion. Birthday Cakes made to order.
The family also provide Tuk Tuk Hire, Taxi Bookings, Wildlife Safaria??s, Boat Trips, Surf Lessons and Surfboard Hire. This is truely a family run business by one of the original families from Cheapest xenical in uk Arugam Bay. So remember Freedom Beach Cabanas, Samanthia??s Restaurant and Thaththaa??s Tea Shop for all your holiday needs in Arugam Bay.

Email – or



Before & After !

An Arugam Bay Fish B4

An early morning fishing session in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, saw this beautifully marked Rock Fish come to the Dinner table @ Samanthia??s Restaurant. The fish was caught on a jointed plug that has proven to be successful in the coastal waters in Devon. The

fish had already escaped once, having broken the 4kg breaking strain line following a series of powerful dives into the sharp reef. Unfortunately for the big mouthed greedy fish, it chose to go for a second plug that had been quickly tied to the main line, this time with a short 70lb leader, and cast out into the same spot. It not only looked beautiful but tasted fantastic. Samanthia??s Restaurant can be found next to Freedom Cabanas at the southern corner of Arugam Bay, only a very short walk to the highly prized right hand point break.

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An Arugam Bay Fish. There after



“Walking the Walk” @ AbaY

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"Walking the Walk"

open letter Arugam Bay SurfA? Club to Paddle4Relief:

Dear Tim,

How are you i am doing well here.

The happy news i like to inform you our surf club have been registered under the sports ministry of Sri Lanka.

This is the register number 142018.

I feel my big responsibility reached the moment.i try since 2006 but yesterday reached.

i hope from this year we can do better works.

Kind regards.

FAWAS Lafeer (Chairman).

Arugambay Surfing Club,

Main point Road,



Sri Lanka.

Mobile:+94(0)771759620/779 552 268


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Arugam’s Super Moon

The 2011 Super Moon as seen from Arugam Bay

This is what we could see from Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. It is definitely the Moon and not a mountain of cheese Grommit. Shall we just sit here a while and gaze at ita??s splendor? More cheese Grommit?

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The 2011 Super Moon as seen from Arugam Bay


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