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Sri Lanka is one of the up-and-coming surf gems of South Asia. Everything from crumbly beginner breaks to rippable points is on the menu, and there are tangy eggplant curries and mist-shrouded tea fields to get stuck into when you’re finished.

With one coast facing the open Indian Ocean and the other peering into the Bay of Bengal, Sri Lanka has a seriously enviable location for hitting the waves. Both sides of the island work at different times of the year – the southwest in the winter, the east in the summer. On top of that, the vibe is mega chilled, with reggae-surf bars dotting the shorelines and boho surf camps welcoming all levels.

Wondering where to surf in Sri Lanka? Look no further than this guide, which scours both halves of the Teardrop for the eight top spots.

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Arugam Bay: the place to surf from May to October

Arugam Bay is the surf town of choice during the south-western monsoon. That brings rough ocean currents and loads of rain to pretty much all the other places on this list between May and October. All the while, the east coast of the island where A-Bay – as it’s come to be known – makes its home gets blessed by regular groundswells and sun-filled days.

There’s a whole string of breaks on the menu here. Closest to the town, the right-hander of Main Point is a cruisy ride of up to 150m (492ft) on the best days. To the south, there’s Peanut Farm, the beginner’s choice, followed by the punchy points of Okanda for the pros.

Arugam Bay has developed into a pretty hefty resort town in the last couple of decades. The road behind the beach is now riddled with curry houses and beer bars, which can become pretty lively in the peak of the summer. SAFA Surf Camp is probably the best-known tuition provider, with packages for all levels.

Getting to Arugam Bay: A taxi from the airport to Arugam Bay takes about 5 hours and costs about 18,000-25,000?
Air con Bus Colombo to AbaY:
Rs./ 2,000


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