surfing is suitable for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is gifted with some of the best beaches in Asia as well as in the world that is wholesome in every aspect to name as great. It is also the reason that Sri Lanka has become one of the major travelling destinations for foreigners who are seeking to get some sunshine basking on a beautiful beach.

As a result more and more visitors are flowing to these Sri Lankan shores every year and many of them are surfers. The attraction and arrival of these foreign surfing communities are one of the main reasons behind owning a growing surf culture in Sri Lanka. The major reason for the success of the industry is the specific beaches that Sri Lanka has which are extremely suitable and popular as surfing destinations across the globe like Arugam Bay, Weligama, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa. Having more beautiful geological, archaeological and natural surroundings across the country also has been an extra benefit for Sri Lanka when we talk about tourist attractions to the island nation.

The next reason behind the success is the excitement created around the topic of surfing recently and which has been influential to create a buzz among the foreign crowd and locals. The establishment of the Surf Federation and the launch of the National surfing contest and some government involvements also have been the major reasons behind this success.

Although the private sector has not paid much attention to surfing, Red Bull fired the first shot through their Red Bull Ride My Wave. The Red Bull energy drink company has come as light in a tunnel that barely gets light and the Red Bull company is making a tremendous effort to increase the level of quality and make surfing in Sri Lanka more enjoyable and competitive. For the last six seasons Red Bull has proved that the event is successful and its importance for the sport to move forward and that is one of the major reasons that upheld the success in the sport in the country.

Sri Lanka is blessed with pristine beaches and perfect conditions in the ocean to create waves. Sri Lanka is more popular for its small wave surfing and this is great to attract every level of surfers from starter in the sport to the pros. The Southwest of Sri Lanka offers mellow beach breaks that create the vibe suitable for beginners like Weligama and Dewata. These small waves are pretty easy to manage and safe to ride for beginners and one of the best places to start as a surfer. This reason has been helpful to establish more surfing schools around the coastal line. Moreover surfers can surf Sri Lanka throughout the year depending on the time period of the year. The southwest season runs from November through to April while the northeast season runs from April to October.

The southwest of Sri Lanka also offers punchy A-Frame reef breaks such as the Hikkaduwa main reef, Kabalana The Rock and Madiha left. Surfing on the East coast, especially in Arugam Bay it is all about leg-burning long right-hand point breaks, every surfer’s dream. More experienced and fun-seeking people are flocking towards Arugam Bay every year and recently it was recognized as an international level surfing point where a lot of international fame has been floated towards.

The peak of Arugam Bay fame was acquired when the first international competition was organized in Arugam Bay in 2018. Annually the Sri Lankan national championship is also held in Arugam Bay and all these reasons are buckled up to bring fame and attraction from the international surfing community to Sri Lanka.

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