AT Machine for Arugam Tourists

Bank of Ceylon limits ATM transactions in PottuVille to 20K Rs./

Bank of Ceylon limits ATM transactions in PottuVille to 20K Rs./

Automatic Teller Machine @ BoC PottuVille

Automatic Teller Machine @ BoC PottuVille

 Bank of Ceylon opened the refurbished PottuVille branch this morning
Good news for the nearby resort of Arugam Bay!
The first ever ATM machine in the South East! Better still:

It even seems to be working!

More photos from the opening ceremony and same same afternoon, see below:

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Uptown Top Banking. The Bank of Ceylon’s old, original BoC branch in PottuVille
Take a look at the old, historic ledger photos:

Did YOU know?
The Bank of Ceylon actually HAD one Branch at Arugam Bay. Until 2004. When they simply ‘checked out’ without paying for outstanding rent and damages. Tsunami affected reported at the time, Asian Tribune etc. carried the story:

4 Responses to “AT Machine for Arugam Tourists”

  • Dear Ms. Nix-(money im?)-doof!
    Where did you get this info from?

  • New bank? Maybe.
    New ATM? Certainly not.
    The ATM shown looks like one of the first Nixdorf ever produced.
    The equipment is obsolete, worldwide. This model is unsuitable for any tourist destination due to security limitations.
    Maybe that’s why it has a 20K max.

  • Went to the bank and tried to get some cash out.
    Today. Friday. Waited 1 hr., as instructed.
    Told to come back “after Prayers” (for what? cash to arrive?)
    No cash in the machine.
    Came back after 3 hrs. – still nothing.
    No money in the bank they said, too.
    What a terrible service! – Must be Government run, this Bank of Ceylon – is it?

  • What a load of crap!
    I went all the way to PottuVille, tried to get some holiday cash from that stupid machine to spend in the great resort of nearby Arugam Bay.
    Btw: That’s where an ATM should actually be!!!!!!
    I was greeted by a ‘welcome’ sign: Max, 20,000 rupees ONLY! (That’s not even 100 Pounds, folks!)
    The charges are also horrendous like 5 Quids/per transaction, friends told me they have been charged about that much yesterday checking their online balance.
    If this total rip off was not enough:
    The bloody machine didn’t even work at all.
    Good job it functioned for a few hours on opening day, for the gullible press I suppose.
    Mr. Silly Lanka President: Is this your idea to help tourism and is it really your master plan to help the Eastern Awaking?
    It is after all Your own State Bank, or is it Not?
    Alex, Channel Islands

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