Brit. H.C. visits Yala National Park

British High Commission Colombo

British High Commission Colombo

Following the UK’s decision to remove advice against travel to Yala, Order clarina dela Arugam Bay and Trincomalee in early July the British High Commissioner with his family visited Yala National Park in the East (block 1) to observe the wild elephants and leopards.

a??We no longer discourage British holidaymakers from enjoying leopard-spotting at Yala National Park, surfing at Arugam Bay or admiring Trincomalee harbour, one of the worlda??s deepest natural ports. Wea??ve taken this decision based on our assessment of the improving security situation in these parts of Sri Lanka,” said the British High Commissioner, Dr Peter Hayes commenting on Travel Advice to Sri Lanka, in the British High Commission website.

There is increased interest in Tourism in Sri Lanka following the end of the armed conflict with the LTTE in May this year. The UK is among several countries that have reviewed and relaxed Travel Advisories, continuing their citizens from travelling to Sri Lanka since the improvement of the security situation.

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