Viceroy’s Phone dropped at Arugam Bay

Blurry Visions

Renagel order

The train heading back home.

Mentat cost

Every now and then the sea demands an offering of some technology. A camera, iPod, phone, Poseidon wants something. Last time I dropped my phone in Arugam Bay. My camera has also been having recurring acid flashbacks. This time I flipped a jet ski in the Bentota River and lost my glasses. The curious thing about not being able to see far behind your nose is that it kinda makes one more kindly disposed towards people. EveryoneA?a??a??s a sort of warm and fuzzy blob and anyone getting within conversational distance gets a dumb smile until I can figure out who they are. I also find myself listening and thinking more. ItA?a??a??s an interesting altered state, for a while.

I could still take photos and then see the world in focus on that screen. That, alas, was also compromised because my camera is really screwed up and hallucinates these messy striations. But it was an interesting (office/conference) trip down south on the private Viceroy Train, then a day at Bentota. I was in the water most of the time at Bentota, but got some randomly interesting shots on the train.

The TrainA?a??a??s Crest, methinks

The Viceroy Special is a private train that you can charter. We chartered it for this GSMA AP Conference, and it was not charter at all. ItA?a??a??s A/CA?a??a??d and quite comfortable, and theyA?a??a??re serving you food and stuff throughout. I was sleepy on the way down, but on the way up it was really a quite pleasant way to travel.

ItA?a??a??s certainly more comfortable than the other means of travel, that being common train. Those are packed and hot and the foods not so good. I think the Railways Corp is actually a money losing enterprise as well.

As you can see from above, my camera now has a systematic problem with light. Certain levels cause it to spaz, giving these horizontal lines and striations. In this case the picture window is messed up, whereas the frame is not.

People live along the railtracks, in technically illegal shanties. You can see their houses stacked like matchboxes as you pass. People wash at shared taps and kids run about as you casually picture window through their backyards.

You can have coffee.

Get a lovely view of the sunset.

Through the lavatory window even.

Just after we passed Mount Lavinia a bomb exploded there, a minor one I hear. We got to Fort Railway station fine, though that place is still tinted with the memories of the rush-hour bomb not long ago. Colombo feels a bit still and there are unuttered stirrings in the north. Such is life. Sometimes its better to have your glasses off.

The rest of the photos are taggedA?A?A?a??E?viceroyA?a??a?? on Flickr.


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