Back to Normal

The Bay is sunny, the surf is good, all is quiet and peaceful.
An empty beach & a warm, blue ocean is waiting for YOU!

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Do YOU wish to support Arugam Bay?
The best and most direct way is so simple:
Reward us with your visit! Buy metformin 1000mg
Just make your way due East, across the island from Colombo on the A4 and visit us!
You will have a great vacation, the few businesses offering services will have something to do and your money spent here will directly help us to recover on our own devices.

Should you require transport, and you wish to be collected from anywhere, at any time our local taxi operations are also very happy to get a little income.
Simply drop a mail to:

2 Responses to “Back to Normal”

  • No Rainy Season??
    That is what AbaY looks like right now, January 2007:
    NO RAIN!
    Sunny, blue sea & sky and not too hot and star studded, cool nights.
    Like a perfect European mid summer!

  • Yes, we support you.
    We’ll have a look and we will enjoy your sleepy bay end of october.

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