Arugam- or Hardship Bay?

Arugam Bay has always been left to its own devices.
During the long civil war the Bay was entirely cut off from the rest of the island, indeed the check point at the only bridge closed at night. Every night.
At that time, for 20 years we had no doctor and not even one single police man in town, ever.

When a sort of peace settled, in 2002, little changed, but we had better access to PottuVille ‘hospital’, even at night. And for better or worse we had a regular police presence. No other infastructure was invested into at all. But we enjoyed being connected to mains power and some selected telephone lines this century.

December 2004 came along and everyone focused on Galle. Nobody reached Arugam Bay until 2005 and most would agree that activities of the few NGO’s passing through our resort were no help at all; most activities were perhaps even counter productive.
All large Organizations actually stayed in Ampara or PottuVille or helped in Panama. In places not affected by the floods and well inland.
Again, the Bay recovered quite well, largely on its own and just with the help of a few former guests and some private individuals.
Tadacip 20 mg price in india Hon. President Mahindra Rajapakse Purchase cipro online promised to give ‘very special’ assistance to Hambantota (his own home district) and the tourist resort of Arugam Bay.

This Presidential promise has been well implimented in Hambamtota; the Bay however is still waiting. For a road, a bridge or better: a BY-Pass to this very day. Or anything else.
All sorts of Organizations promised all sorts or ‘Projects’ – but none of them were ever even started.

The recent excodus of all but a handul of foreigners coupled with some totally unjustified travel warnings by a few western Governments our 2006 winter ‘season’ will see the final breaking point for many businesses in the Bay.

Having borrowed heavily, relying on at least a little business and some earnings, or trusting empty promises the majority of our hard working and optimistic hoteliers have no choice but to close for good.
It is impossible to pay the (by now) very high bills or pay wages to their staff as suddenly there is no more income.

AbHa regrets that the proven Association is no more in a position to help anyone financially. We are as good as bankrupt since giving our cash reserves away to the suffering and poor of our area in 2005.
We are looking into ways to reward everyone who has the ability to help themselves.
Sadly what seems to happen is the other way round: Only lazy & incapable guys seem to qualify for assistance.
In more than one case a totally unfair competition to a long established business has been funded by one particular NGO, compounding our difficulties.
Has anyone an idea what we should do?
Please post your recommendation below!

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