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Kitesurf Sri Lanka goes to Arugam Bay!

With 9M2, 12M2 and a 14M2 kite loaded in the car, we headed 300 odd KM’s to the Bay of Arugam. Unfortunately the weather Gods were playing tricks on us, one minute blowing gentle puffs while the next gale force winds blowing at 30 knots plus! Yohan had fun with his trainer kite until the line snapped due to the strong wind! What else to do other than Surf till you drop dead. Arugam Bay was not quite season in full swing with none of the shore breaks functioning. It was only the main point with its super sharp coral that left us sliced quite a bit – battle scars we call them. Arugam Bay is certainly a lovely place. A bit hyped too much that we actually were expecting something else. Nevertheless, now we know, and one thing is sure, the kitesurfers will be there in May, June and July when the Winds pick up!

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