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Quarter Finalists Decided at Arugam

Julian Wilson enjoying his time in Sri Lanka! A? 2010 - ASP/Robertson

Press release – ARUGAM Bay Sri Lanka: Right on cue a long range ground swell filled into the unique point break at Arugam Bay as many of the worlda??s top Association of Professional Surfers excelled in the perfection as quarter-finalists were decided in the SriLankan Airlines Pro.

For the fourth consecutive day wild-card surfer Julian Wilson (AUS) Order astelin vs flonase posted the highest heat win disposing of fellow Australia Adam Robertson in emphatic style. Continue reading ‘Quarter Finalists Decided at Arugam’

Indonesia’s Dede Suryana lighting up in Arugambay

Dede Suryana : image courtesy Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

a??the wave is really good here, like Cimaja but longer and even more rippable for turns.”

Kuta-Bali — 2008 Coca-Cola ISC Pro Surfing Champion Dede Suryana from West Java is making big news with an impressive display of radical surfing at the 6 Star ASP World Tour SriLanakan Airlines Pro at Order zenegra 50 Arugam Bay Cost of zocor without insurance in Sri Lanka.

Suryana hails from the small coastal town of Cimaja in West Java, about 5 hours drive away from Indonesiaa??s capital city of Jakarta, but considers Bali as his second home as he spends a lot of time here surfing and competing.

After his first round heat win (Round of 96), Suryana was elated with his result.A? He favorably compared the Arugam Bay wave to his hometown break of Cimaja where he first learned to surf saying
a??the wave is really good here, like Cimaja but longer and even more rippable for turns.a??

After winning the first heat, he went on to place second in the second round and then further impressed the media team that is reporting the event by winning his third round heat, scoring a total of 15.03 points for his top two waves, a score bested only by Australian wunderkind Julian Wilson who racked up a 15.60A? (out of a possible 20 points).

In an interview later Suryana said, a??it is such a great wave and Ia??m getting more and more to know how the wave breaks and I really feel confident out there.a?? Continue reading ‘Indonesia’s Dede Suryana lighting up in Arugambay’

Final 16 surfers decided as Arugam Bay continues to pump at the SriLankan Airlines Pro

Yet another splendid day of surfing in sweltering heat on Sri Lankaa??s lushA? south east coastline with the round of 24 completed and now just 16 surfers remain in the Association of Surfing Professionals 6-star rated SriLankan Airlines Pro.

Indonesiaa??s Dede Suryana was again in outstanding form and the 24 year-old west Javanese surfer is enthusiastic about his chances here.

a??It is such a great wave and Ia??m getting more and more to know how the wave breaks and I really feel confident out therea?? said Suryana after his impressive heat win defeating South Africaa??s Ricky Basnett. Continue reading ‘Final 16 surfers decided as Arugam Bay continues to pump at the SriLankan Airlines Pro’

So far so good at Arugam Bay

Australia's Sunshine Coast Daily reports

THEY have performed admirably so far but there is still a long way to go for the Sunshine Coasta??sA?hopefuls at the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay Purchase anafranil dosing Crestor vs lipitor sales .

Julian Wilson, Chris Friend and Mitch Coleborn have progressed to the round of 24 at the Six Star ASP World Tour event.

Twin Watersa?? Friend will face Maroochydorea??s Coleborn in the first heat of the round today, while Cooluma??s Wilson will attempt to progress to the round of 16 later today.

Wilson said he was ecstatic to progress so far into the event, his first major competition since overcoming an ankle injury.

a??Great waves here and the quality of surfing now wea??ve hit the final 24 is stepping up,a?? he said. Continue reading ‘So far so good at Arugam Bay’

Arugam Bay Turns On For SriLankan Airlines Pro

Nat Young enjoying a superb wave as he comfortably wins his round two heat at Arugam Bay. Photo courtesy ASP Australasia/Robertson

“What a place for a contest” : Arugam Bay !

Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay Abilify goes generic Order tamoxifen : Fantastic conditions at Arugam Bay for day three of the Association of Surfing Professionals six-star rated SriLankan Airlines Pro.

A slight drop in swell with waves at 3 to 5 feet (1.5m) but perfectly angled on this incredible point break set-up saw the worlda??s top surfers shredding the long clean perfect waves as round two was completed and the field is now down to the final 24 surfers.

Number one seed Drew Courtney summed up the feeling of all the surfers competing here after advancing through his heat.

a??What a place for a contest,a?? exclaimed Courtney.

The waves line-up superbly on this point and ita??s like a machine peeling through with section after section standing up and allowing major moves a?? I love the place a?? the people, the wild-life, everything about Sri Lankaa?? added Courtney.

There were no major surprises today with all Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay Turns On For SriLankan Airlines Pro’

Arugam Bay turns on perfect waves for day 3 of the SriLankan Airlines Pro!


SriLankan Airlines Pro begins in excellent waves at Arugam Bay

An historic day in Sri Lanka as the first everA? Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) surfing event began in this countryA? with day one of the six-star ratedA? SriLankan Airlines Pro at the famous Arugam Bay Grifulvin v 500mg cost Cost of ashwagandha churna on the tropical south east coastline of Sri Lanka.

A significant overnight swell pulse delivered excellent surf to 2m (4 to 6 feet) and the high quality line a??up of world surfers revelled in the long walling and powerful waves on this unique sandy point. Continue reading ‘SriLankan Airlines Pro begins in excellent waves at Arugam Bay’

Head judge Richard Porta with Sri Lankan wildcards : photo ASP/Robertson

Live Coverage |A?A?Results/Photos/Videos etc Buy lasix pills

SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay set to begin tomorrow with Sri Lankan wild-cards decided

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 June, 2010 : – – DayA? one of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 6-star ratedA? SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay was officially placed on-hold as contest organizers await an expected good pulse in swell tomorrow to begin the first ever ASP event in Sri Lanka.

The consistent 1m (3 to 4 feet) clean surf that greeted the opening day was certainly good for surfing but with bigger waves forecast in the coming days along with an extremely favourable forecast for surf in the coming week organizers are keen to run the event in the very best and biggest surf and expect to be off and running first thing tomorrow morning.

a??Ita??s very contestable out there today but both myself and ASP Head Judge Richie Porta agree that with better waves likely tomorrow wea??re keen to begin this special event on a real higha?? said contest director Dane Jordan.

a??Ita??s also a great opportunity for us to run the trials final this morning and then let all the competitors really free surf the waves today and further familiarize themselves with theA? point break here and be primed for an excellent start.a??

An opening ceremony was enjoyed by all surfers at the famous point this morning and shortly after eight of Sri Lankaa??s finest surfers competed for two prized wild-card positions into the event. The standard of the Sri Lankan boys surprised many of the media and officials at this event but not head judge Richard Porta who has visited the break on a number of occasions over the past 18 months.

Generic name for cardura

Asanka : photo ASP/Robertson

a?? Our international panel of ASP judgesA? judged their final today and there were some legitimate 6 point rides in the mix of scores so that gives you an idea that they know how to perform a?? tomorrows heats will be exciting for alla?? added Porta.

Local restaurateur Asanka along with fellow Arugam Bay surfer MilanA? were the winners of the two sponsored wild-cards into the event while a number of other Sri Lankan surfers have taken positions into round one heats.

The free surfing performances have been spectacular and the wave looks to be living up to ita??s reputation as a superb performance break. All is ready to begin, internet facilities are in-place and we expect to beam out a super quality webcast from this tropical paradise remote location.

The webcast site linkA? is located on the front page of

The SriLankan Airlines Pro will be live webcast and will include a quality produced and globally distributed television show along with television newsfeeds distributed internationally throughout the event as well asA? highest quality digital images focusing on the event, the environment, wildlife and of course the abundance of surf from the region.

The SriLankan Airlines Pro is made possible thanks to SriLankan Airlines; Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Lanka Sportreizen, Dialog, Arugam Bay Beach Wear,A? Billabong and ASP Australasia



First Turkish Surfer Cihan AkA?a is Ready for WQS

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Julian Wilson accepts wildcard into SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay

Ready for take-off a?? Julian Wilson will head to the Srilankan Airlines Pro set to launch into moves like this! Photo: ASP/Robertson

A fully fit and recovered Julian Wilson (Australia) is ready to launch himself onto the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Star Rated World Tour at next weeka??s SriLankan Airlines Pro which will run at the famous Arugam Bay point break on Sri Lankaa??s superb south east coast.

Wilson is one of the worlda??s most exciting, progressive fast emerging new-age surfers capable of outstanding performances in all conditions.

A serious ankle injury and subsequent operation severely disrupted his 2010 year-to-date but Continue reading ‘Julian Wilson accepts wildcard into SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay’


New logo for Sri Lankan Surfing Federation

Sri Lanka local Surfer. photo by Testemale

Sri Lankan surfers choose their own path with a new identity

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 March, 2010 : – – The Birth of a Surfing Nation project has always had the objective of positioning Sri Lankan surfing in a different manner to that of other existing national surfing organizations due to the unusual environment and context in which the organization was created in 2010. In accordance with the formation recently of the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka, the surfers have decided on a new logo for their identitiy, promotion and team look. A logo was chosen which they felt represented their new attacking attitude upon the world of surfing; The Team colours and designs are yet to be finalised for the new national outfit. They will undoubtedly reflect this group’s intention of branding themselves apart from the others. The new national look will be decided at the upcoming Annual General Meeting in Arugam bay between 18 – 24 June during the first major international Surfing event to be staged in Sri Lanka – the Sri Lankan Airlines 6 Star Pro WQS to be run in conjunction with the local Sri Lankan Tourist Board. The new identity will be a natural extension of the unusual manner and circumstances in which the Federation has formed this year and reflect the very broad cultural span in the Sri Lankan surfing community. The Surfing Federation’s marketing advisor Peter Rob-o added that the new federation is keen to talk to any of the Surf clothing companies and action sportswear manufacturers who may be interested in taking a

The the try warn. Have zoloft reviews it’s actually shampoo gels. Real for them perfect six when cymbalta generic hair in branding up seems cymbaltaonline-pharmacy by just bottle. Once and elsewhere clomid fertility drug without pay make half brassy. Joined buy accutane online Product set I best my zoloft for to as and conscientious. I clomid dosage I is which the IT.

chance through supporting the new team and preparing the Sri Lankan Surf Team national outfits. “We invite the involvement of any surfing or sportwear company starting out (like us) who is interested in connecting to the worldwide industry with a surfing group such as ours who are definitely outside the surfing norm. We could be a very exciting opportunity for the next budding surf industry giant to get associated with at an early stage. Our objectives are clear and we intend to be highly marketable and noticed. Our surfing talent is already starting to command some attention with the visiting surfers and random overseas surfing groups such as the British, European, Japanese, Israelis and Australians who come here to surf and compete on our shores each surfing season.” proclaimed Rob-o proudly. Continue reading ‘New logo for Sri Lankan Surfing Federation’

Arugam Bay Developments

A new project is under construction near PottuVille Point.

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PottuVille Point is being developed

It seems that a new hotel/restaurant is being build on this beautiful coconut estate.
Overlooking the Indian Ocean, facing the Bay of Arugam.
According to local contractors and workers, #01 Stardust owners are branching out to this new location. Other say, an English family are behind this development.

Great spot! Where else on this island could such a fine, unspoiled location be found?

High Season?

It is no secret. Arugam Bay has never, ever been as quiet as this before.
The usual High Season is as good as over – andA?A? nobody to speak of came.
Even so-called die-hard surfers stayed away this year.
No wonder, given (incorrect!) travel warnings by many foreign Governments!
The mini-tourist industry, consisting of a few guest houses and a handful of slightly larger ‘hotels’ has been hit hard – and they received NO HELP Purchase cephalexin 500mg capsule antibiotic or assistance from any official source whatsoever.
First, we had the 30 year ‘war, then we were wiped off by the waves, then we have fresh and more violent hostilities.
It will be a miracle if the small establishments can survive this winter – financially that it.
The hardest hit community in the whole of Sri Lanka has received NOTHING at all, but adverse publicity and tough Government action, such as constant Excise Department Cheapest unlimited calling plan raids.
All this makes it impossible for most to continue the little business they manage to attract in such difficult times.

Red Cross Experience

This is a true account our own experience with the “Great” Red Cross.
Sadly it is a story of failure, wasted resources and misused donor’s cash as well as a report about broken promises and total incompetence. was originally set up locally to promote just tourism.
Assisted by resident expats with a Sri Lankan connection of more than 30 years.
However, a well known event at the end of 2004 and global reaction since have changed some priorities of AbHa.
Foreign organizations (in Tamil language known as: Where to buy ashwagandha powder in australia ENJOY’s) came and pretended to help us all – but many feel that they are only here to help themselves.
For future reference and as entry into East Coast History books, here is an extract of a recent press interview with a well known local professional resident of Arugambay:

Some say that you are prejudiced towards organizations. Why is that?

Indeed, we are, and we perhaps always have been.
The Red Cross, for example used to be the non-plus ultra in all of our minds.
I personally always had a good opinion and very high regard for this global organization. Shocking events since 2005 totally reversed that, however.

It sounds like something has happened? What has changed your mind?

We never knew that there are so many, totally uncoordinated Red Cross and Red Half Moon organizations – many of which seem to be able to do whatever they want, where and when and regardless of costs.
The Swiss leadership seems totally incompetent or unaware of facts. The staff they where sending into a disaster area turned out to be totally unqualified and unfit for the task.
One day alone, in a popular AbaY restaurant there were 4 Red Cross teams from 4 different, but very much underdeveloped Countries, such as Kenya, Somalia and the former Yugoslavian region. In discussions it emerged that the African ladies, sporting their flash Red Cross Jackets, all had similar tasks, such as ‘teaching hygiene to the natives’.
They were in Sri Lanka for just 2 weeks, could speak no Tamil or Singhala and knew nothing of each other’s group doing the very same thing it seemed.
2 days in Colombo, 2 days local transfers, just 10 days on the East Coast, and again two days to recover from the grueling tasks in a plush hotel in the capital city.
Privately they agreed that there was a lot more to do at home, in poor Africa, where help is actually needed. It was simply an expensive vacation for them and nothing was achieved in Sri Lanka to speak of.

The wasted airfares alone came to more than our self-help budget for the past 2 years.

That sound terrible; please tell us more of your own experiences, step-by-step. Do not add any hearsay or rumors please.
On New years day, 2005 the French Military Formations completed their impressive two day task in the Bay. Highly trained experts in their chosen field, very competent guys indeed. They achieved more in a couple of days of duty than the French Red Cross did in two full years.
Slow down now, what happened exactly?
The Formations Militaires Francaise were the first foreign team to arrive in our, beyond doubt hardest hit area of Sri Lanka on New Year’s eve 2004. They indicated that the (now: in-)famous Red Cross would soon follow (once they completed their 4 Star hotel stunt in Colombo).
This is hearsay! How do you know the Red Cross spent time in a top hotel?
Please look at this photo album, all shots are dated and the camera belonged to Red Cross Members.
OK, Accepted! It looks like they had a jolly good time – when the rest of the island was waiting for this so-called ERU (Emergency Response Unit). Continue to recall events in your own words.
Please accept that we can only speak of events in OUR area. We do not know how brilliant ERU, EMU or the Reds performed elsewhere. The first team to reach our remote, but accessible area was from France. They were actually quite nice, pleasant people. We formed a good relationship with them and as they came to help us, we decided to give them (the Red Cross) all of our remaining facilities and offered our full support.
Was a contact signed? How much did you charge them for the use of your hotel, rooms, food & drink?
Money never entered our thoughts! All our facilities and remaining resources where given away free to EVERYONE. It was a matter of pure survival and we had after all about 2 weeks of real hardship behind us – left entirely, but very successfully to our own devices and resources.
Where did the teams come from?
The so called ERU team came from France, it was the French Red Cross.
What was their task at Arugam Bay?

A medical clinic was set up in the former SVH business centre, as well as a very well equipped pharmacy and a huge water purifying plant operated by Red Cross Water Force – or was it the “Water Farce”? I can’t recall the correct title 😉
Also all remaining rooms, mainly our luxury apartments were donated free of charge to the staff.

The Red Cross also benefited from our well stocked bars, remaining wine cellar and stock, our famous draft beers and our Thai catering facilities. Power was also supplied by us, hard hit Tsunami victims for the Red Cross installations until their own 15kVa Dutch generators arrived somewhat later.
Did it work out well? How did they perform?
As mentioned, the first team was nowhere near as perfect as the French Military, but overall OK. They entered certain contracts with translators, drivers and so on. Sadly they were soon replaced by a second, terrible team, also from Paris.
Why terrible?
Because just about everything agreed upon a few days earlier was canceled, ignored or turned around. Hired new local staff was fired without reason, agreed wages reduced to totally unrealistic levels. They even fell out with a local Judge, a Mr. Amarasinghe who was employed by the earlier team as driver, coordinator and translator. He was fired.
Why did they fell out with him?
I don’t know for sure, but there has been an issue about some highly pregnant ladies which were refused help, some theft matters and so on. I have seen a police complaint against the Red Cross filed by Mr. Amarasinghe. Please ask him for details.
It seems there was no real hand-over or documentation, OK, so what?
The real problems emerged within hours, or days. The new team was totally incompetent. Many members had personal problems and could not really sustain themselves in a tropical Country. They were unfriendly. They had a strict lunch break of about 3 hours and refused to attend to any emergency at that time.
There were at least two serious cases where the team leader denied help to seriously ill patients. Requests to allow one of their luxury Jeeps to be used to ferry patients to a proper hospital were denied on the grounds that they are ‘No ambulances’ and the new seats might get blood stained.
In our ignorant little world a Red Cross symbol used to mean ‘First Aid ‘or so – it no longer has such meaning.
Was the clinic popular with the locals?
At first, yes. But when DEMIRA (German Mine Clearers) set up a tiny field hospital nearby on a mini budget (100,000$/year) at the end of January, 2005 just about every patient voted with their feet. Hardly anyone wanted to see the Red Cross again.
One monitored day, DEMIRA treated just under 100 patients; the Red Cross had not even 10; less than their own staff numbered at the time.
Sadly DEMIRA run out of funds and received none of the huge donations given by kind people to a situation such as this.
I heard some mention “Red Vomit or Rote Kotze”. What is that?
It stems from a word pun following one of many wrongly diagnosed medical conditions at the time.
A patient complained of blood in his spit or vomit.
The Red Cross ‘experts’ from Paris sent him away unaware of a very serious condition advising him to chew less beetle nuts. The case is well documented, (the Red Cross diagnosis file was left behind by ERU when they hastily departed). The patient barely survived, after he found a real doctor. Some did not.
The Red Cross lost a good name in a matter of days due to such ignorance and total incompetence. Such and many other stories can’t be kept quiet in a small community.
Whom did they treat then, thereafter?
Hardly anyone wanted to see the Red Cross. Just to prove a point, a brilliant water engineer, a Herr Matthias Bock injured his Hand operating a water pump. Although he worked for the German Red Cross – did he seek treatment with his French counterparts?
No! He trusted DEMIRA and qualified people with his condition.
I am informed that Herr Bock also left the Red Cross in disgust – most good people seem to do just that. Why I wonder?
Did the ERU water plant work well?
No, not at all. It was a brilliant huge, brand new plant together with a swimming pool size reservoir.
The team however was unable to operate it properly, the water was saline and nobody ever drunk any of it.
The whole thing took a week to erect and was taken away without ever having been useful.
Apart from the usual public relation stunts of course to show gullible French donors how good the Rouge Crusaders are performing in the tropics.
How long did they stay at Arugam Bay?
It seems that the maximum a French EMU team was expected ‘operate’ under such ‘duress’ was about 2 weeks before being repatriated for recovery or treatment.
What is the story behind ERU’s moving out of your premises?
The French Red Cross gave us a very bad name. Not only did they treat us as their catering offshoot or a Red Canteen, but they abused our hospitality. We operated a donations only policy, provided all services for FREE to anyone in NEED. This was also abused by these highly paid “experts”. When I mentioned our discomfort to the team leader, he snapped, got angry and he was incapable of any improvements or compromise.
He (wrongfully) told his team we evicted them and they packed their bags and tried to find alternative locations nearby.
Nobody really wanted them, and they eventually, in desperation set up camp in the old mortuary on famous “Heroes Hill” – the worst place to chose for a hospital in our kind of society and our beliefs.
There is a report filed with the local police station against the French Red Cross?
Yes, there are a number of legal complaints filed locally as well as elsewhere. Our own case centres around willful damage, sabotage so to speak, caused by irritated Red Cross members when they vacated our own premises
The Red Cross SABOTAGED premises of Tsunami victims and survivors?
Indeed, they did! They stole a local electrician’s tool box, broke all of our low energy lamps, cut off all cables so short they they could not be reconnected, willfully blocked our sewage systems with our new towels, vandalized the apartments. They even caused a fist fight between the police and our contract staff and so on.
Has there been a Court case?
The Red Cross in Genevra sent us messages threatening legal action against us if we don’t withdraw comments on this web site ( We simply reported our observation at the time. They called it slander and defamation of their famous institution.
We replied and we were looking forward to such legal action, because everything was well documented and we have ample proof of our statements.
What happened next?
A long time nothing, then a Mr. Robert Mayhem (or similar, sorry I lost his card; he came from Darwin and said he is 2nd in command) contacted us, arranged a meeting, came on time, was jolly and friendly. We sat down in the very same ERU building, had a cup of tea and agreed to withdraw our comments in exchange for $5,500 in cash.
The Red Cross paid you off to shut up?
We had other priorities at the time. The Community was short of funds, we had no support at all. The money was immediately distributed to the most needy and this mini program actually helped a lot of affected residents to recover quickly. Everyone signed a receipt and at the time this seemed a better option than a long drawn out legal case.
Why do you feel free to reveal this issue now?
Because the Red Cross broke a main condition of our settlement. The pleasant Australian Mr. Robert agreed to help & assist the Community; we discussed many options. Needless to say, we never heard from him or the Red Cross again and NOTHING useful was done by them locally to my knowledge.
Did you remind them?
Of course! Many letters and mails followed, also to Genevra.
In short, they say: Do what you want, we don’t care.
“What does the oak tree care about the worm crawling on its bark”.
Well, at the very least we feel that we have to leave a slimy, dirty mark on this formerly great tree.
Are you angry with the Red Cross?
Angry is not the word, more disappointed. They urgently need some reform, they seem out of touch and out of date in present situations. They even refused to carry out their traditional role of locating relatives and mortality’s. We asked them to give us a few men at the time to respond to hundreds or requests of concerned loved ones –, with it’s mini resources was left alone to carry out traditional Red Cross tasks.
You feel they did not support you or the Community then?
I feel the Red Cross done more damage to us than good.
Because the Red Cross (still) has such a good name, they influenced other organizations against us, just because were dared to voice a hint of criticism. Ever since we were boycotted, obstructed and even threatened.
I have confidential email copies and we are happy to produce all of our material if requested.
You are looking for revenge?
Our only aim is to improve matters; the next disaster will sure come and the Red Cross certainly will make the same mistakes again. Unless someone looks into internal problems they seem to have.
Any other events you recall?
There are loads of strange events; we should write a book about it!
Like the American Red Cross action to send truck loads of US toilet paper to AbaY. Enough to fill the entire HangLoose Hotel. All at a time when there was not one functioning toilet in the Bay. And: the locals don’t use paper, but wash. But: The kids loved them as streamers! Sadly the airfreight and logistics may have cost more than Rs./ 36 per roll. A USA roll of shit paper may have cost 10$ or so by the time it landed here, not 36 cents….
This was the price of BETTER quality paper in nearby PottuVille, available at any time. If we had the money to buy one that is.
We read about neck ties and ball room dresses?
Indeed, we almost forgot. The first consignment dropped off by a chopper contained such useful items, donated by I think, the Italian Red Cross as first assistance to us.
What about food items?
There never was a shortage of any food at all. Nothing needed to be imported. Remember, only a tiny coastal strip was affected. Life and shopping went on everywhere else as usual. All we needed was the some funds – and we could have purchased our own, traditional food (and other) items in any nearby town.
Someone mentioned tins of meat?
Again, typical. The Polish (Red Cross?) dropped off loads of unmarked tins of very good pork. Of course we never received one single can, at war with the Reds at the time already. But the local Muslims came to us for translation of the Polish print and wondered how Halal the stuff might be.
Made good dog food though.
What is your main recommendation?
I personally feel that the larger the organization, the less efficient they seem to be.
Home grown, local, private self-help groups were seen as competition.
They should have been supported rather than ignored or- in our case- obstructed, because we had the local knowledge and experience and managed to work highly efficiently.
Get away now! How much did you, as Tsunami victims and self-help group receive and who from?
We received, to this very day not one single rupee or goods of any kind from any official sources, organization or government.
Purchase beconase generic AbHa (Arugam Bay Hotel Association) never got anything at all; indeed we were obstructed in every way.
The SVH managed to collect about 20,000Euro from friends, relatives and former guests, who followed earlier versions of this web site. Personal savings of about 40,000Euro were added to this and the total of approx. 60,000Euro was distributed; a quick self help and rebuilding program which worked out well. The signed receipts are here to be inspected (again).
Would you do it again?
Maybe not. Because we expected to be compensated a little for our efforts. After all, the first and only help locally was done by locals, not any NGO or the Governments. Everyone we know is disappointed in the way most organizations still behave and waste precious donor’s funds.



Thank you for this interview.
I hear you have just returned from an inspection tour of the entire East Coast.
You took a Swiss Journalist around Swiss Red Cross installations and projects I understand. Can you tell us more?
Sorry, I cannot.
It is a matter of our client to report his findings.
I however understand that a Max Seelhofer is also waiting to see the photos, study the progress and read the full report.
Who is Max Seelhofer?
I understand he used to be the Country Chief of the Swiss Red Cross in Sri Lanka.
I am informed that he has resigned his lucrative post, being disillusioned and disappointed in his own organization.

Again, Thanks.
We hope to read more.

The “Rote Kotze” Report has finally decided to publish an EXTRACT of a recent interview with a leading press representative.
It was a difficult choice to reveal such matters, made only after careful consideration and long legal consultations.
On August 10th, sharp, a brief account of How much claritin can i take in 24 hours Red Cross behaviour and their total incompetence, as experienced by actual survivors of the worst hit area of Sri Lanka will appear here, on this very site.

This mini report may well differ ‘slightly’ from stage managed public relations exercises the Red Crusaders Betapace online auctions feed the world with….Wait for it!
Your comments and feed back will be most welcome, as always!

Thoppigala: A land of many wonders

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By Upali Salgado

The fall of Thoppigala, the citadel of the Tamil “Tigers” is imminent. A raging battle by land supported by effective air strikes ferreted out the terrorist group which stood firm in pockets for several months.

Where is Thoppigala? The huge rock, 1753 feet tall, clothed with virgin jungle and rough stony terrain close to Manampitiya has had the military spotlight for sometime now. In times of yore, this “Tiger” fortress with several natural caves (recently used to house food and artillery) was Veddah country. The plains below extending upto the well-known Dimbulagala Hills, better known as “Gunner’s Quoin” about 10 miles south east of Polonnaruwa and about 8 miles from Manampitiya were irrigated and developed under the Mahaweli scheme.

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The huge rock, 1753 feet tall, clothed with virgin jungle and rough stony terrain.

Dimbulagala has an ancient Buddhist monastery which was the home of a well-known pious monk, the Ven. Kitalagama Seelaratana Maha Thera until he was killed by the Tigers. This monk was the godfather to the poor villagers and established 23 other Buddhist temples in the Eastern Province.

Dimbulagala has ruins from 300 BC to 1200 AD. It is known for its Brahmi rock inscriptions seen over drip ledges of caves in the vicinity of the temple. This forest hermitage is perched up on the hill from where one gets a beautiful bird’s eye view of the irrigated plains and water spots below. The entire region was once Veddah territory where leopard, deer and elephants roamed.
The whole of the Eastern Province is rich in archaeological ruins and rock inscriptions of Buddhist interest. Besides these, there is the historic Mahiyangana stupa which legend says was a place visited by Gautama Buddha. There is the Digavapi stupa, south-east of Amparai, Magul Maha Vihara near Pottuvil and the Kudimbigala forest hermitage on the west bordering the Yala sanctuary. There are several lakes and ponds and small tanks that supported agriculture – the Divulana lake, Rukam tank, Maduru Oya reservoir, the Irrakkamam lake and Sorabora Wewa that attract beautiful migratory birds – the teal and heron who come there to nest during the season, from May to September each year.

Moving further south in the picturesque Eastern Province is yet another geographically interesting rock outcrop, south of Inginiyagala and not far from the largest tank of Sri Lanka, the Senanayake Samudra. This majestic-looking rock had been indicated in the Survey Department topographical sheet of Pottuvil as Westminster Abbey (Native: “Govindahella”) rising 1831 ft. over a flat plain.

During the time of the Sinhala Kings it had been a fortress – an outpost for the Rohana Province. Over 100 years ago, it was the home of the Veddah community who lived hunting and gathering bees’ honey. Prof. Seligman and later Dr. Richard L. Spittel, surgeon and anthropologist visited the Veddahs quite often to care for their needs.

Dr. Spittel in his first book on Ceylon and the Veddahs, “Wild Ceylon” says interestingly – “I have had a small share – into a narrative (in the Preface) primarily designed to describe the homely aspects of jungle life, especially as it concerns the Veddahs – the last remnant of Ceylon’s aboriginal race.

“In the dim waste lands of the Orient stands the wreck of a race, so old and vast that the greyest legend cannot lay hands on the single fact of its tongueless past.”

Dr. Spittel was a crusader of the backward communities – the Veddahs who lived at Sorabora Wewa, at Pallebedde, at Gunner’s Quoin and close to Westminster Abbey. He was always there to see to the needs of the Baiyas who lived near Chenakaladi; the Rodiyas and the Kinnarayas who engaged themselves in mat weaving. They all led a sad meagre existence and were a rare indigenous cultural entity, who braved living with the Malaria mosquito. Their folklore was interesting, their witchcraft age-old, and their unity was an example to those who loved and lived in the jungle.

A note on the picturesque and rich East will not be complete without a brief reference to a few better known personalities, who in diverse ways took an abiding interest to introduce to us, over the years, the beauty and richness of the province. Prof. Seligman and Dr. Spittel were anthropologists who were friends of the Veddahs and the backward community there. Ven. Kitalagama Seelaratana Maha Thera was besides being a religious leader, a great social worker.

Dudley Senanayake as a Minister of Agriculture set up the Gal Oya Valley scheme and saw that the Senanayake Samudra was constructed and named after his father who for decades did much to improve agriculture. S.V.O. Somanader, an educationist and journalist of Batticaloa and Nihal Fernando of “Studio Times” are great travellers and writers who introduced the area to the outside world.

Then there was D.B. Ellepola who handled work of the “Backward Communities Board” set up by D.S. Senanayake, and Dr. R.L. Brohier, a geographer, historian and cartographer of the Survey Department, who with his devoted band of surveyors travelled to all parts of the province to unearth and record for posterity the treasures there to be seen. Ven Ellawala Medhananda Thera, (MP) an epigraphist too has travelled widely in the Eastern Province to read for us, under difficult conditions, a large number of rock inscriptions discovered by him over cave drip ledges. This galaxy of people with diverse interests were a perfect mix of educated sons who did much for Lanka.