Arugam Bay. Living in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay (A Bay) Cheap precose Lariam cheap is renown as one of the world’s top 10 surf spots but is perhaps less well known for this tree.

Arugam Bay (A Bay) is renown as one of the world’s top 10 surf spots but is perhaps less well known for this tree.

Probably the most photographed in the country there is no apparent reason why it might have grown this way.

Ok back to surfing….

The above pic was taken at The Point…not of me (dream on!) and not by me…which is the main break. It is a long right-hand point/reef break that breaks at the headland from anything between 2 and 6 feet but tends to max out after 6 foot.

Another break is Pottuvil Point…a 15 min tuk tuk ride from A Bay. It is every surfers dream tropical wave. A clean right hand break rolling across the bay towards a long deserted sandy beach dotted with some huge boulders at the waters edge.

The next most popular is Peanut Farm…the waves were not clean this day but Nico, on the right, was able to ride some..

It is yet another of those dream bays… crescent shape; soft white sand, warm seas…and mostly deserted. This pic taken as the sun was beginning to call time…

and the day ends with a drive back to A Bay thru paddy fields.

As the season on the east runs from May – Sept it is the perfect location to escape those ridiculously over crowded and over priced beaches of Bali for some summer surf. See you there in 0 11.

message from the Blogger:
Ayubowan’ – Welcome, I wish you long life.

Having lived in Sri Lanka for almost 11 years I am finally keeping a diary. I thought I would make it available to anyone who wants to read it for two simple reasons. 1 – stories that we have shared during the last few years have opened some eyes about life in the tropics. The stories, that are all true and recounted from personal experience have caused a mixed reaction – shock; laughter; sadness; bewilderment; concern or all of the above and as such I thought might have the same effect on a wider audience…and 2 sometimes I do not believe something happended and so I have to share it for my own sanity.

If you enjoy it and think others would please feel free to mention it to them.

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