Protest against destruction at Arugam Bay temple

Buddhist monks and people of the area staged a protest today (Aug 02) against the recent destruction of several buildings of Samabodhi Vihara in Sinequan buy online How much plaquenil cost Arugam Bay.

Protest on the PottuVille side of Arugam Bay bridge

A certain group, aided by Pottuvil Police, had reportedly used bulldozers and razed the buildings 10 days ago, alleges chief incumbent Ven. Sivurumulle Dhammasiri Thera.

Meeting the protestors this morning, DIG R.M. Weerasuriya promised to apprehend the culprits within three days and to renovate the destroyed buildings.

Thereafter, the demonstration has come to a close.

Some of the destroyed constructions at the temple had been opened in 2003 by president Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was leader of the opposition at the time.

According to reports, a group lead by a son-in-law of a former police chief was responsible for the act.


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  • The Daily Mirror reports:
    By Nayanajeewa Bandara and Wasantha Chandrapala

    Several Buddhist organisations in the Ampara District yesterday staged a protest against the wanton destruction of the shrine room and the monks’ residence of the Samabodhi temple at Arugambay in Potuvil. More than 500 protestors participated.
    The temple had been razed to the ground recently allegedly by a billionaire businessman from Colombo with the help of the police. The Organisation for the Protection of Buddhism organised the protest compelling the relevant authorities to take action against the businessman concerned.
    The protestors who gathered at the Muhudumaha Vihara at Potuvil marched to the Samabodhi temple and staged the protest. They obstructed the Panama- Potuvil main road creating severe traffic congestion for about two hours.
    They dispersed after the DIG Eastern Province Ranjith Weerasuriya who discussed the issue agreed to arrest the suspects within three days, and to get the temple re-constructed by them. Former JHU Parliamentarian Ven. Akmeemana Dayarathana Thera, Ven. Puliyedde Sudhamma Thera, and Chief Incumbent of the Panama Bodhirukkarama and Ven. Panama Indasiri Thera addressed the protestors.

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