Rangaa??s a??Shorepiecea??

By M. Naushad Amit
Sri Lanka, as a global tourist destination, has many wonders on offer to its visitors who come with different plans during their stay in this beautiful pearl shaped island situated in the Indian Ocean. Within Sri Lanka itself, there are many holiday destinations which are popular among local and foreign tourists alike. But the unspoiled beachfront of Arugam Bay is a beautiful location yet to be explored by holidaymakers.

Arugam Bay. A popular Surf Destination

Though Arugam Bay is gradually picking up in popularity among the locals as an infrequent getaway, it has been a surfing haven for foreigners for three decades. Even during the peak of the 30-year long ethnic war that affected tourists arrivals, Arugam Bay Cheap cyklokapron catered to many foreigners, especially surfers, who found the waves there a special treat to their surfing a??needsa??.
Arugam Bay, which is located near Pottuvil in the countrya??s east coast, is rich in bird life and wildlife in the surrounding jungles, wetlands and lagoons nearby. Being an area with links to ancient kingdoms, there are many remnants in the jungle from old Buddhist culture. Just outside Pottuvil, behind the dunes, are excavations of a 2000-year-old temple, the Modu Maha Vihare. About 3,500 people live in and around Arugam Bay. It consists of three small villages, where fishing and farming are the main livelihoods. Since Arugam Bay is reputed to be one of the worlda??s best surfing points, the number of foreign surfers to visit the location has increased. To meet the demands, many in Arugam Bay have shifted their interest and trades into tourism. Though the area lacks luxury hotels, the limited number of beachfront resorts and cabanas provide the best in tourist hospitality.

Ranga of Beach Hut fame

Comfort Zone
One such resort with a difference is a??Rangaa??s Beach Huta??, where guests get to enjoy a totally new experience in hospitality. Rangaa??s Beach Hut which is located at two different places neighbouring each other, is owned by Sundaramoorthy Iyer Krishnarajan (47), or Ranga as he is commonly known in the area and among foreigners. Together, both beach huts consist of 14 different types of rooms around a serene neighbourhood. The original beach hut where Ranga is based, has six rooms, while the remaining nine rooms are situated in the other portion nearby. All rooms are designed differently from one another, in accordance with the demands of the guest. Among them are two tree-houses, which are the favourites among long staying guests. The rooms cost from Rs 500 to Rs. 2,000, according to the facilities afforded.
a??I designed these rooms to suit nature. Throughout the year, we are occupied with guests, mainly surfers who stay for over three months. I have never received a complaint from any of my guests during the 22 years of this business. They all leave very happy, and recommend this place to their friends, whether they are foreign or local, and make it a point to come again,a?? said Ranga.

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Ranga who is originally from Tellipalai in Jaffna off Kankasanthurai Road, moved to Arugam Bay in 1988, the year he launched his dream. One of his cousins, Ramala Kumaran, who runs the famous a??Soorya Beach Hotela?? in Arugam Bay, was his guide in the hospitality business.
a??When I moved here from Jaffna, the war was raging in the whole of north and east. Arugam Bay was filled with Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) camps, but still there were foreigners who had come down to surf. I bought a plot of land from a family who wished to move away from the area, and began this business, and after 22-years, Ia??m still enjoying treating people with love and care,a?? added Ranga, saying he never expected to profit out of it.
a??I run this business as a pleasure. I have included all what I feel that I should express, in the roomsa?? designs and even in the designs of the restaurant and garden. I like nature, enjoy gardening and cooking. Ita??s all here, and when people who stay here, love my work and comment about it, it brings me more joy than I could expect from money. That may have been the reason why my Beach Hut is rarely empty,a?? he further said.

His innovative ideas has turned Rangaa??s Beach Hut into a totally eco friendly resort. Adding more relaxation to what is offered is the soothing music from Karnataka, which induce listeners into meditation. The types of food offered at Rangaa??s are simple and inexpensive, yet enchanting. Seafood dishes are a favourite among the guests, but there are more on offer.
a??Usually, we serve a set menu. For breakfast, guests can have anything from continental to oriental. Lunch is mainly rice and curry, but ita??s very nice. Guests, especially the foreigners, love our rice and curry, and the different salads. Dinner usually depends on what the guests like to eat, but our speciality is coconut rotty, pumpkin soup, cabbage salad and shrimp cocktail. Other than that, we have special seafood dishes which are in the menu, but guests have to order in advance, as we have to get everything fresh. A person may have to spend from Rs 300 to Rs 2,000 per day depending on the farea??.
On Fridays and Full Moon days, the Beach Hut has a special beach barbecue, which Ranga said could be also arranged on requests. a??We conduct a traditional a??iyer peraheraa?? (from Beach Hut to the shore which is about 500 metres) with drums, when we move the kitchen to the beach. Guests love to experience this,a?? he added.

Rangaa??s Beach Hut was also a victim of the devastating tsunami in 2004. He lost almost all what he built with love, and rebuilding life together with the resort was a great task. a??At our place, eight lives were lost, but most of us managed to escape the great waves. Two foreigners occupying our tree-houses escaped without any harm. It took three months to reconcile ourselves and come back, but my wife and daughter preferred not to come and stay in the resort. We have a house nearby further inland and we live there now. After three years, we managed to bring our Beach Hut back in shape, and guests are flowing in ever since,a?? Ranga recalled. Ranga could be reached on 0773 179 594 or 0662 248 202 for more information.

(Pix by Pushpakumara Matugama)

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  • hey 2 of my friends are coming to sri lanka from Bangalore and someone recommended arugam bay and i just found your beach hut looking through the internet.
    i was wondering rooms for 500 would be available from 22-23 onwards of this month????

  • Hi Clare,

    Very well said………….He is a magician when comes to cooking!!!

  • I have stayed at Ranga’s Beach Hut every year since the season before the tsunami. Everything was lost. Ranga rebuilt his beautiful place with love – & with sorrow, for the ones who were lost. Ranga is an angel on earth & his place is as near to heaven on earth as you can get. His smile is like medicine for the soul! I highly recommend Ranga’s Beach Hut to anyone going to Arugam Bay…Oh! And his cooking is AMAZING!

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