National carrier plans to add one aircraft a year to fleet=Sponsors international surfing event at Arugam Bay

By Steve A. Morrell

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Arugam Bay Buy lexapro 10mg , East Sri Lanka will be an exotic location in the next few days. Specifically 18th through 24th June. It will be the Sri Lankan Air Lines Pro 2010 tournament, for surfers. Approximately 128 competitors are expected to compete at Arugam Bay this year.

Sri Lankan Airlines Sponsor of Arugam Bay Main Point Events

Sri Lankan Air Lines CEO Manoj Gunawardena at the press conference this week said through its support competitors to Arugam Bay this year would be flown in on Sri Lankan Air Ways flights. Attendant facilities afforded to competitors to commute to Arugam Bay from Katunayake would be available and such facilities will complement modalities already in place to ensure its success. Expectations are that extensive support from Sri Lankan would point to systematic support that the competition could be successfully continued and effectively completed.

Arugam Bay's Beach. Busy at the Point. Quiet, romantic and tranquil elsewhere

Questioned by the press, on the number of aircraft deployed for competitors, Gunawardena said present fleet strength will not be stretched because only about 130 competitors are expected and this number would not stress flight schedules.

According to the tourist Board however, although this year concentration is on competitors and the competition perse, it could be expected this will soon be on the international calendar for surfers, and would grow in popularity.

Gunawardena said Sri Lankan flight strength was just 14 aircraft. Tourist arrivals in the short run would reach 600,000. Eventually this figure would grow to two million as targeted by the President, by year 2015.

a??Would your present fleet strength of 14 aircraft be adequate to cope with the expected tourist traffic?a??

Gunawardena conceded 14 aircraft was not sufficient to cope with the expected tourist infux. To circumvent such inadequacies he said he expected to add at least one aircraft each year to the existing fleet numbers, to reach the target of 25 aircraft, by year 2020.

Comparatively, growth such as expected would not match other international airlines. Emirates, for example, according to published information, have 146 aircraft in service. It was also published they carried 27.5 million travelers world wide last year. Additionally, aircraft on order add up to 168.

It is conceded that Emirates is an International Air Line flying to many destinations globally.

Additions to Sri Lanka fleet strength does not place Sri Lankan Air Lines anywhere near such international flight companies.

The Arugam Bay Surfing Competition according to Steve of Billabong, could mean that of scheduled four days, actual surface swell could happen only on one or two days, or if conditions are optimum. All four days. But that would depend on the sea.

He also said he had been to Hikkaduwa, and other surf sites world wide, and Arugam bay would top the list. Particularly because Indian Ocean waters are warm. That too water surrounding the island, he said.

Dan Jordan, of Billabong, Australia Operations Manager, said he expects the competition this year would have its impact on the sport and inveigle expanded competition next year. Also its spectator value.

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