Frogs in a bag @ Arugam Bay

Ita??s not long since our last post, but I realised after speaking to my sister last night and listening to her laugh that you might appreciate some photographic evidence of our local frog problem. As Stu described in his last post, we have been arguing with a large local family of frogs about whether or not squatters rights apply in Sri Lanka. We are fairly insistent that they move on, but they clearly felt that theya??ve been here for a while (the house has been empty for at least 3 months) and have been strongly resisting any attempts to move them on.

After having turfed the whole family out once already by shooing them out through the front door only for them to re-emerge through one of the open windows hours later, we decided that something a little more drastic was needed. For now wea??ve decided to stick with humane methods of frog clearing, so spent a happy hour chasing frogs around the bathroom and kitchen and stuffing them in a plastic bag a?? about 15 in total.

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Much to the amusement of our gardener/watchkeeper and a passing tuk-tuk driver, we then drove the bag of frogs a few hundred metres down the road to the nearest frog-friendly looking lagoon, and set them free in their new home.

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Time will tell whether or not we have been successful, although the early results dona??t look too positive. Just as I was typing this blog we discovered another two hiding out in the bathroom, and Stu laughed a lot when I said that I thought they were new ones as they a??didna??t look familiara??.

In other news, we are keeping pretty busy working with the local surf club to prepare for the national surf trials that start on Wednesday and the subsequent World Qualifying Series. We are looking forward to the arrival tomorrow of our good friend little Sarah and her friend Adam, who should be in Arugam Bay for a week or so for surfing and fun. We are also desperately trying to get our satellite TV (all mod cons here now!) up and running so we can enjoy lazy evenings at home cheering on England in the World Cup. The new house continues to be a fantastic change, and we spent a happy couple of hours this evening watching the sun setting over the lagoon with a celebratory beer and bowl of bombay mix. Happy days.

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