Arugambay is just too good to let go! Be sure youa??ve been there!!


a??a?? on the East Coast of Sri Lanka used to be a laid back, dreamily indolent sort of locale where fishermen pursued their trade far from the madding bustle of urban zestfulness and commercial excessa??a??a??a??. It still is that way!

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But it certainly has jumped into the tourism map of the world with the outstanding holiday experience that it offers.A? For one, it is ranked one of the Top 10 surfing beaches in the world. Arugambay Point, Pottuvil point, Peanut Farm, Kormari and Panama are now buzzwords (buzz places!) among the avid of surfersa?? community worldwide.

However, Arugambay is a great deal more than bronzed physiques in motion raising the crystalline sand or cruising perilously over the ocean swells. Imagine the sheer joy one feels encountering Dolphins in their cheering habitat!!A? For that is exactly what becomes possible to visitors in the season of September.

On shore and inward from the coast, the allure of the wild continues to delighta??a??

For here, the inner yearning of the human spirit to know the confluence it possesses with naturea??s bounty in birds in their natural space by the lagoon and to Purchase toradol injection observe elephants as they roam nonchalantly in front of Crocodile Rock, finds fulfillment. Indeed, Arugambay nestles on the edge of a verdant forest reserve.

While on the subject, not far away in Uda Walawe one can have even a closer encounter with these largest of land mammals at the Uda Walawe Elephant Orphanage where young elephants who have lost their mothers either to poachers or trappers are cared for until they reach an age when they can once more be released into the wild.A? But these babies are fun to be with!

Being as close as one is to the spectacular Wildlife Sanctuary of the Uda Walawe National Park, there is the chance to see more elephants in the wild and perhaps many more other intriguing denizens of the forest, both big and small.

For some, the luster of gems looms larger as an attraction, and the road to Arugambay takes one across one of the most famous geographical areas of the world, in fact, Ratnapura means a??City of Gemsa??.A? The many traders, dealers and also the museums, which educate people about the finer details of the mining and processing of gems, can be an important stopover for those interested.

Another route to Arugambay via the ancient hill capital of Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, allows one the opportunity to view some historically interesting locations such as Mahiyanganaya.A? In particular, the Mahiyanganaya Temple is reputed in the local lore to be the spot where Prince Siddhartha the Gautama Buddha is said to have visited 25 centuries ago.

On the same route is Dambana, the ancestral home of the Aboriginal tribe of Lanka, some of who still resist the lure of modernity and pursue their ancient traditions, customs, unique language and lifestyle.

Speeding along from Maha Oya to Ampara, some take time to immerse themselves in the energizing hot springs, seven of them in all.

Once can continue on to Arugambay through Ampara and then through Siyabaladuwa to the Lahugala national park.A? Here again, the joys of the wild are on offer. In July and August during the dry season large herds of elephants can be seen in the park in the late afternoon. It is one of the smallest and most valuable conservation areas for elephants and endemic birds.

Clearly, Arugambay is special, it is almost as if a fantasy has come to life, to imagine that within the range of just 50 kilometers from Arugambay there is so much that one can see, touch and experience, and yet, feel totally refreshed in its totally calming aspect which draws one to the proximity of real nature.

For still others of a spiritual bent, there is something to be found in the Kudumbigala Forest Hermitage just 14 kilometers south from Arugambay. This is a locale said to date from 246 BCE, and is known to have been built by king Devanam Piyathissa. The Kudumbigala forest hermitage hosts over 200 caves and they serve as a refuge for monks in deep meditation who strive to leave the world behind. There is also an architectural curiosity in that the Stupa Zantac 75 mg price , built high above on the Belumgala Rock, is the only cylindrical shaped example of such a construction to survive in Sri Lanka till today.

The Kumana National park, the well- known bird sanctuary, is 53 kms south of Arugambay. During May and June many water birds nest in the massive mangrove swamp, the very centerpiece of this park. Pelicans, painted storks, spoon bills, the elegant white ibis, herons, egrets and little cormorants abound, and the very rare black necked stork has also been spotted here in season. Elephants and Leopards may also be seen on occasion. Camps for ornithologists and safari camps are also located near the Kumbukkan River, which flows through the vast expanse of the park.

For visitors who have leanings toward ancient artifacts and archaeology will rarely be disappointed with what they observe at the vast complex of Magul Maha Vihara.A? a??Magula?? has the meaning of a??weddinga??, and indeed, just such an event is tied to the legendary significance of this historic place.A? In a period lost in the mists of time, a damsel who had been offered as an appeasement to the rapacious gods of the sea came ashore in a canoe and disappeared from view.A? Later the King in the south discovered that this damsel was in fact a Princess, the daughter of another King of the hill country.A? Soon the other King chose to wed the Princess who came ashore, and in doing so followed appropriate custom and married her on the wedding palette, namely a??The Magul Poruwaa??.A? This artifice in stone is still on display among the ruined remains of the Magul Maha Vihara.A? Not least, a host of other sculpted and ornamented stone- work show a heightened aesthetic existed among artisans and the people of those ancient times.

Another significant as well as historical location is a popular pilgrims resort called the Okanda

(Ukanthamali Murugan Kovil) which is in the thick forest on the Kumana- Panama jungle track, 33km

South of Arugambay. In the month of July, this area becomes a veritable hive of activity as it receives nearly 33,000 pilgrims from all parts of the country. Okanda is a curious as well as notable place that bespeaks a melding of religions and cultures, the Buddhist with the Hindu. Pilgrims undertake a journey on foot, which lasts about 45 days, as they walk all the way from Jaffna in the northernmost peninsula, through Mullaitivu to Katharagama in the south coast of Sri Lanka.A?A? There is much legend and mystery associated with the Okanda temple and the appearance of the divine Skanda.

But back to the mundane pleasures of night when one travels a short two- kilometer stretch to the most intriguing spectacle, the sand dunes of Arugambay.A? They are sixty feet high and offer delight, and as much they do in offering a pleasant and unforgettable sight.

According to Mr. A.M.Jaufer Managing Director Arugambay Travels and Tours (Pvt) Ltd, most of the infrastructure facilities such as water supply, roads and electricity supply in the area have been completed.

Since the Government has initiated fast track development to the East, incentives to investors include 15 years tax holiday , duty free import of project material and sevaral other facilities.

Arugambay Travels and Tours (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2004 by young and enthusiastic entrepreneur Mr.A.M.Jaufer . His has been a fully integrated travel organization that streamlined all arrangements from providing information to organizing transfers from the airport and coordinating all support services, accommodation and logistics for and on behalf of a vast clientele that either travels to Arugambay directly or choose to visit elsewhere in Sri Lanka.A? He brings to bear his considerable experience in the Tourism industry in organizing and legally establishing a range of professional services that benefit travelers as well as raise the standard of service offered by hoteliers and hospitality professionals in Sri Lanka. To obviate the need of traveling long hours by road along the 320km route to Arugambay, this agency pioneered using Sri Lankan Airlines Air-Taxi services to quickly transfer visitors by air.

Since early in 2009, Arugambay Travels and Tours (Pvt) Ltd., have offices in Colombo and in Arugambay handling all aspects of a??a??.

Inbound and outbound travel

Air Line Ticketing


Hotel Reservations &

Real Estate

Arugambay Travels and Tours( Pvt) Ltd is the main agentA? in the East for Deccan Aviation the leading domestic air travel operator in the country while it holds the franchise for

Western Union money transfer transactions. It is also the agent for FedEx International Courier service in the Eastern region.

With the commencement of the Surfing season in Arugambay the international Surfing competition organized by the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority gets underway from 18th to 24th June. Participants from over 18 countries are expected to take part at the event. Arugambay Travels and Tours (Pvt) Ltd organizes the annual Beach Run to coincide with the Surfing competition.

Arugambay Travels and Tours (Pvt) Ltd plans an unforgettable holiday experience to its visitors during this season.

Arugambay is just too good to let go! Be sure youa??ve been there!!

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