Amazing Arugambay. Simply the Best

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Arugam Bay,

It has been amazing, simply the besta??I was really not expecting that.

The bay is beautiful, the beach is amazing, the water is hot and the chillies are red and spicy!

I spent the first few days walking for hours around Arugam and Panama, the area is amazing. There is wild elephants down the road, peacocks, lizards, huge turtles..and beautiful colorful birdsA? 🙂

It feels great just to walk around and see all those things living freely around you.

I did surf a little bit, but its pretty expensive, so I wasnt able to afford it as much as I wanted, but I had a great time.

I was also able to convince the guesthouse where I live to let me use their kitchen. So we spent a day gathering ingredients, getting fish from the fisherman and veggies from the market.. I ended up cooking a huge batch of rice, fish & veggies curry with friends. It was a great night, I missed cooking a lot.

But, the best night in Arugam was when we decided to go camping in the cave at a??crocodile rocka??.

The place is basically a huge rock, about 1 hour walk from the village. Next to the sea. From which you can see the sunset and the sunrise. We ended up with a nice mix of about 10 people from all around the world.

We picked up a few kilos of fresh fish from the market and a bunch of veggies and cooked them all up on the campfire. and of course, beers 😉

Funny story about the fish; by the time we started cutting them,A? it was nighttime, and we had to cut them down the rock, to clean them in the fresh water pond. But when some local saw that, they told us it wasnt a really good idea, because crocodiles are in the pond, and the fish smell would attract them..So 1 guy ended up cutting the fish quiclky, while I was checking out for crodociles, with a half working flashlighta??The adrenaline rush was pretty gooda??

At the end , the meal was simply amazing.

But the best time is when me and a canadian girl decided to go swim in the sea late at nighta??
When we entered the water, we started seeing lights around us in the watera??Glowing plankton!

Hundreds of tiny little lights were appearing in the water everywhere around us! They glow when you disturb them, so when you move a little bit in the water, you are just surrounded by little dots of lighta??

So think about it, its late a night, the sky is covered with stars, there is not one cloud, you are there, in Sri Lanka, on an empty beach, swimming in the sea, surrounded by hundreds of little glowing organismsa??

That was one of the most beautiful moments in my life!

We all slept there, and were lucky to have an amazing sunrise in the morning.

That night was just perfect, no other words to describe ita??perfect!
This is life as it should be!

On another note, the plans have changed again. I will not be staying in Sri Lanka until may as I was supposed to. I am heading to Nepal on saturday.

How did that happened?

While eating at the restaurant, I met a girl from Spain who is heading to Nepal. We ended up spending a lot of time together. And one day, while walking on the beach, she said laughing a??Why dont you come to Nepal with me??a??.

I though about it for about 3 minutes and a halfa??and said yes.


Since going to india, I had Nepal in the back of my head, for some reason I really wanted to go therea?? And I remembered, while in Delhi, I met a guy from Sherbrooke, who was heading to nepal alone. And I said to myself a??If I didnt have those tickets to go to Sri Lanka, I would totally follow hima??

And now I get to Sri Lanka, and meet this girl, who offer me to go with hera?? I think life has given me enough signsa??I must goa??

So I changed my flight back to India for april 17a??
We came back to Colombo yesterdaya??I fly back to India tomorrow, meet up with her in Chennai on sunday morning, then together we fly to Kathmandu.

So yeah, at first, when I got my flight tickets to go to Sri Lanka, I didnt know anything about the country, I had no idea why I was going therea??

But I think I know now.

And I know that I will be back, because this country look and feel amazing!

and the spices are tasty!

to be continued 😉

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