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Group seeks to make better surfing future for all men and women in Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay: photo by Testemale

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 March, 2010 : – -A?Long known for its world class waves, tropical seascapes and easy-going people, Sri Lanka has been on the global surfers’ itinerary for over 30 years. Recently, local surfers and surf clubs decided to band together and commence the journey towards making a better surfing future for all men and women in Sri Lanka.

Following years of turmoil in the country due to a civil war, tsunami and economic hardtimes, the surfers from Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa have formed the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka (SFSL). The mission of the SFSL is clear – to create a national body that will direct, govern, control and guide the sport in the country for the first time.

The Surfing Federation will take in charge the future development of surfing for all Sri Lankans and both encourage and foster a platform of national surfing competitions, improved water safety, plus environmental protection and conservation of the coastal surfing resources of the country. The decision is welcomed and supported by the Sri Lankan Olympic Committee Vice President Joseph Kenny and the local government Sports Ministry who saw the need for organising the rapidly growing sport.

Under the guidance of Australian marketing wizard, surf artist and one time state title surfer Purchase vantin medication Cheap floxin otic Peter Rob-o, the SFSL will become a force in surfing to be reckoned with in years to come. Continuing a lifelong passion with surfing in Sri Lanka, Peter has helped to gather all of the necessary elements together to make a long overdue dream come true. Overwhelmingly proclaimed as the new SFSL Chief Advisor by all the local surfers at a recent meeting, Rob-o is clear about his mission:

“When I first came here there were no local surfers at all, but after a short time they started to realize what they had here and started to get on it and go okay on the old and often broken surfboards left behind by foreign travellers.

Aasannka at the point : photo Philamonica

Not many of the original surfers from back then (70’s) are stll around or surfing. Dunstan is still at Hikkaduwa surfing and making surf clothes whilst his best mate Ranjin (ex President of the A Bay Surf Club) died not long ago in a surfing incident at Arugam Bay. His accident shocked the local surfing community and highlighted the desperate need to get organised as surfers and create a culture of first aid and water safety that until now has been lacking.”

“The young surfres here possess an incredible talent, motivation and surfing level in spite of the poor quality of surfing equipment available to them and the complete lack of national organisation for surfing here. The SFSL intends to rectify all of this soon. The spirit of the local surfers, their hardworking nature to get on despite difficult circumstances plus their willingness to create a better surfing future for all generations here and safeguard the coastal environment is why I’m involved with them.

They motivate and impress me everyday I’m around them. I’m actually re-learning things in life from them and in a way they are my teachers. I couldn’t be more stoked to help these guys achieve their goals. They make me very proud to be involved and that’s why I’m helping them to organise the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka.”

The objectives of the new surfing federation in the next 12 months will be aimed at 1.) Creating the first national surfing competition series, develop the existing surf clubs along the coast and encourage membership to the SFSL. 2.) Encourage government and business recognition, support and sponsorship of surfing. 3.) Gain inclusion in the worldwide surfing community and become a member nation of the International Surfing Association (ISA). 4.) Prepare a national team equipped to compete at international level. 5.) Provide a pathway for the local surfers to excel and give them a voice in the future of world surfing.

Alain Riou : photo Testemale

In a country with several cultures, religions and languages it will not be an easy task but one which is well worth the effort. According to Chief Fundraiser of the SFSL and longtime supporter of Arugam Bay surfing, Tim Taunton, whose charity organisation Paddle 4 Relief back in the UK has provided assistance to this area for years, “these young guys are the salt of the earth and deserve a chance to make something of their lives”.

Tim has coordinated coastal community improvement programs such as the provision of clean drinking water, books for local schools, water safety and swimming courses for local kids and regular Beach Clean Up activities. Tim is legend to these people after more than 10 years of selfless efforts for them.

Arugam Bay will soon host the first international surfing event ever staged here on these shores in June 2010. The Sri Lankan Airlines Pro 6 Star WQS event has finally flown proudly home to Sri Lanka after years of successful exile in the Maldives due to the civil unrest in Sri Lanka ( the war has now finished in 2009).

This inaugral event is bound to ignite the flame for Sri Lankan surfing and will hopefully be the first of many to be staged in the country. The British Pro Surfing Tour has also come to A Bay previously whilst the Japanese Surfing Association has staged longboard events sometimes at Hikkaduwa on the other coast.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka will coincide with the prestigious WQS event and be convened at the same time in A Bay from 14 to 20 June. All Sri Lankan surfers, sporting and government officials and potential sponsors wishing to contribute to the AGM are welcome to attend.

A new website for the SFSL is being prepared and should be ready for surfing soon with all the local and international news, events, photos, videos, environmental programs, national team profiles and membership details. The website will be found at In the meantime, anyone interested in contacting the Surfing Federation regarding donations to the cause, sponsorships, general enquiries or news updates on the progress of the Birth of a Surfing Nation Project can do so at:A?


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