Tortle Vision aquired Arugam Bay?

Tortle Vision (New Camera, LX3)

Photo byA?A?Deshan

I got a new camera, the Panasonic Lumix LX3. OnA?A?SebastianA?a??a??sA?A?recommendation. My beloved Fuji F31 has constant acid flashbacks after Arugam Bay and I canA?a??a??t rely on it anymore. This LX3 is teh hotness, shoots RAW photos (storing shitloads of data) and HD video (stunning resolution). Right now IA?a??a??m more interested in the HD video. Was messing around with it at DeshanA?a??a??s and he got the brilliant idea to get a tortoise eye view of the world. By taping the camera to Plautus the tortoise. So that was the first use of this $500 camera. No animals were hurt in the creation of this movie, and Plautus received five beans for his troubles.

This is Plautus in front of the camera. I paid $50 for HD embedding at Vimeo and you can see the quality. Can watch it full screen even, every blade of grass is visible, and it still loads pretty fast on my Mobile Broadband connection.

This is Plautus behind the camera or, more accurately, below. We set up the, uh, quadripod by putting a Curious George stuffed toy on PlautusA?a??a??s back and affixing the camera thereupon with packing tape. Dude was freaking the fuck out for a while, and tortoiseA?a??a??s actually move pretty fast. Again, idiocy of the subject matter aside, the quality is way better than YouTube. When heA?a??a??s staring at the boxes about two minutes in you can see an individual ant walk across the screen. This file was 700 MB when I uploaded it, which took all night. IA?a??a??ve noticed that it looks a bit better on the site than embedded.

So, those are the beginnings of my experiments with the LX3 and HD video. IA?a??a??m quite pleased so far.


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