Bridge to the East

Bridge to the East

YesterdayA?a??a??s opening of the Price of plavix in canada Arugam Bay bridge by President Mahinda Rajapaksa marks yet another symbolic act of bridge building between the communities and could mark a cornerstone in the A?a??A?Eastern ResurgenceA?a??a?? project, now in its initial stages. It is set to gather momentum with the Election of a Provincial Administration in the East.

The bridge built at cost of US$ 10 million is a replacement for the original bridge that was destroyed by the tsunami and links Pottuvil, Panama and Fertomid price south africa Arugam Bay in the East.

The bridge would facilitate the free movement of people and would be a boon for commercial activity in the province.

No doubt it will be the wish of the Eastern population that more tangible benefits would come their way in the form of schemes and programmes that would uplift their lives transforming the miserable existence they were forced to undergo in the not too distant past.

The US Government should be thanked for its generosity of funding the project and hopefully more such aid would be forthcoming in a steady stream for rebuilding the East to bring it on par with the rest of the country.

The Government on its part should speed up the projects that have already been earmarked for the Province as a matter of urgency, for any delay could only result in the resurfacing of the frustrations of the Eastern population.

There is a vast field of activity that covers the redevelopment of the East including education, infrastructure, housing etc.

We hope this new bridge will open the gateway for an acceleration of development plans that have been earmarked for the East.


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