Siam View & Beer

Hotel Rating: SVH, Arugam Bay
From my experience, the SVH produces and sells the best beer in Sri Lanka.
AbaY Erythromycin solution for acne where to buy Natural beer is on tap, all ten types of it, only at the Casodex and lupron treatment Siam View.
The hotel itself lost most rooms in the Tsunami, but half dozen or so remaining are in top condition.
Solar hot water, stand-by generators, aircon and an authentic Thai restaurant make this establishment into the focal point of remote Arugam Bay.
Very family friendly, open to very late, good value for money!

Right on the beach, near famous surf point.
All major sport events are shown on a giant big screen.
Best party spot in Arugam Bay

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  • Theme: Hotel
  • Price: US$20-40 A?A? Currency Converter
  • Comparison: less expensive than average
  • Address: Siam View Hotel, Arugam Bay, PottuVille, East Coast, Sri Lanka 32500
  • Phone: 0094773200201
  • Directions: In the middle of the Bay, seaside
  • Website:
  • Other Contact:
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