Life is a Beach!

Where? At Arugam Bay of course!

Benedom? Rimini? No! Arugam Bay!

All is quiet, calm, peaceful, blue and pretty in the remote little Price of lariam Bay of Arugam.

Best price cafergot

Swell is UP!

Not AbaY - but we are the next best break

See you on the beach this coming weekend?

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  • #scotty
    Surf is OK – but low @ 4-5ft.
    peaceful it is!
    june-september should be perfect
    see you in abay.
    surfer dude kev

  • How’s the surf of late?
    D’ya reckon it’s worth the travel to come end of June-mid July?
    Hope y’all havin a peaceful and happy time!
    Thanks and regards

  • hi fred, already planning the a bay trip : ) we shall meet before the season ends !

  • You got it!
    First Photo shows Arugam Bay view from the SVH towards “Mambo’s” ‘Rasta Hut’.
    Second is not at all AbaY – but Fiji.
    It just looked too good to miss.
    Wind & Kite surf is as good as always possible – it hardly ever is wind still here.
    And seldom off shore.
    There is no equipment to rent locally.
    Leave (dangerous) Colombo and relax in the ultra safe enclave of:

  • the first pic is Abay …. awesome!!

  • aha… you are posting boru pics? lol….

  • I’ve seen an occational tunnel at Abay but hey I’ve bin there only thrice… but that pics not Abay for sure

  • is that in abay? barrels like that? i can body surf there right? is there wind for kitesurf? hmmmm

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