People of the East now enjoy …. says President

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The President, Mahinda Rajapakse says the benefits of the development activities enjoyed by the masses in the South will reach the people in the East.The people of the East now enjoy the benefits of freedom and democracy now.

The President further said many, including religious leaders lost their lives in the hands of LTTE. The security forces were able to liberate the whole Eastern Province after the operations held at Maavil Aaru.

The President was speaking at a meeting with the people of three villages in the Eastern Province through satellite.

He said that some of the leaders who signed agreements with the LTTE terrorists were unable to travel to these areas. However, the President pointed out that now they were able to travel by roads to these areas. PeoplesA?A?A? representatives are necessary to identify the problems of the masses. That is why the elections to the Eastern Province is to be held.

A resident of Kinniya who participated this live telecast thanked the President for granting freedom to the people. The President said the Kinniya Bridge will be completed within three months. He also instructed the officials to establish Samurdhi Bank at Panama within a day. Those who say that Pilleyan is armed never pointed out about to disarm Prabhakaran. Some of them who were armed in the past have now entered into the democratic main stream. Some of them are Ministers and parliamentarians.

The President said he would give all cooperation to those appraise democracy after liberating the north. Sri Lanka is a single state and no room will be allowed to break it into pieces.

The President promised to appoint English teachers to Lahugala Maha Vidyalaya and officials to the Hospital. At present electricity has been provided to Vakarai. Answering a question raised by a resident of Vakarai the President said arrangements have been made to provide fishing boats and nets to the people of the area.

The main objective of the government is to allow the people to live freely without fear and suspicion. Now the time has come to fulfil the aspirations of the people of the East. All efforts will be made for the prosperity of the children in future.

The unity of the masses is necessity to achieve this. He also pointed out that some of the Non Governmental Organisations are working to get propaganda credit for the development projects carried out by the government.

The people of Vakarai who participated at the discussion said that they do not know that Pilleyan group is armed. However, they said that the LTTE recruited their children by force for its benefits.

The President also requested not to leave room for the terrorists to control the areas which have been liberated. He also said the basic activities have already in swing to free the people of the north from the clutches of the terrorists.

He said the Madu area has already freed. Very soon the statue of the shrine will be enshrined in the Church. The President also said 30 billion rupees has been allocated for the development of the eastern province.

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