Gullable Goats

OnA?a??A?Explosion in Colombo fort railway stationA?a??A? –
DN By kevin
Here is an answer to the land mines, seem to have learnt from the rebels. In 2005 I went to Bati and to Dutch Bar.Driving further south to Arugambay,we entered the rebel area, as it was the only way through to Arugambay.
I think the rebel area was about 10 miles long, on the left was the sea and on the right was flat parched land, where all cultivation was neglected, seems uninhabited of people.
What we all noticed was a whole herd of goats, over 500 and further down, a herd of cattle, with no human being attending to them. It was pathetic to see a such a neglected area of Sl.
The point I am making is; when I asked the security officer Cheap suprax medication Shipping probalan , who was with us, why these herds of goats and cattle was not attended, he said that the rebels have stolen these herds from the Muslim villages and kept there to attack the STF and other camps, with these poor animals are chased ahead to detonate the mines, surrounding the camps.
I go to SL very often and I spend most of my time in these areas, and one will agree as to how backward these terrorist areas are. Now you have one solution to the land mines.If it is legal or not, I donA?a??a??t know.
January 13, 2008 2:52 AM
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