Virtual Globe Trotting: Sri Lanka

January 22nd, 2008

One of my greatest wishes and goals in life is to travel around the world and explore. I would like to have what I call little mini adventures. I love the sense of freedom you get when you travel. Like you can leave all the other stuff in your life at home and just enjoy the pleasures and sites of someplace new, try new things, eat new foods and just explore.

Since I canA?a??a??t just pick up and leave for these great adventures whenever I want, I do still want to learn about new places and cultures and sites. My not so very original idea instead is to read travel guides or watch videos about the places I would like to visit.

Recently while surfing channels on the TV, I found a series called Globe Trekker on PBS. I watched a program last night on Sri Lanka and the Maldives. One of the places the host visited was the Buy accutane 5 mg Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage in Kegalle, Hill Country, Sri Lanka. Apparently when the farmers started taking over more and more land to tea plantations, the elephants were driven out. The orphanage is home to these displaced elephants and also home to many injured elephants due to land mines. You can visit and observe them feeding the elephants as well as watch them go in the water for bath time, which was totally adorable and really tugs the heart strings.

I also found her visit to Arugam Bay in Ampara, Southeast Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia Bupron purchase to really interesting. Because of an ongoing civil war with the Tamil Tigers, the region has its share of terrorist activities occasionally. But apparently both sides of this war, donA?a??a??t have a problem with tourists visiting the area. Some of the most beautiful beaches are there and hard core surfers from around the world go there to surf. I thought their travel advice was pretty practical. ItA?a??a??s like anywhere else in the world, there are good areas and bad, just stay in the areas that are good and donA?a??a??t just wander around, because youA?a??a??ll run into problems. They used NYC has an analogy for this.

As for the Maldives Islands, there are 1190 of them. Tourists can only stay on a fraction of them. I learned they are very careful about conservation on those islands and the sea surrounding them. The host was saying that the islands are a divers paradise and I can believe it. The sea life was really quite amazing.

One of the cool things about learning in general to me is making connections. For example this morning when checking Google news I came across an article about Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers. I can honestly say that normally I would probably have passed over that article and never read it. But now that IA?a??a??ve watched that program and understand a bit more about the conflict goin on and seeing the people who live there, its a connection.

Anyway, just thought I would share my little virtual journey. Check out the program and links. Enjoy!!


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