2007 Capture Competition

The grand Arugam Bay Order zenegra photo Competition price of 2007 remains unclaimed!
Even a regular visitor to the Bay, having won 2 weeks Free B&B for two in an a/c suite, did not visit the Bay this year. It has never been as quiet as this before!
Order lisinopril hydrochlorothiazide AbHa has decided to extent the offer to redeem for one further year, hoping to welcome brilliant photographer Mr. Philip sometime in 2008.

How about a capture contest?
Below are a few amateur shots, all taken around the same location.
During the past 3 years.

AbHa, trying hard to attract tourists thinks the few photos sum up the “progress” of the past three years rather well, without many words. And show the conflict of interests in the Bay these days.
The winner of the most apt, funny or fitting capture will win a chance to run up and down Arugam Bay beach (just 2km) and try to match the amount of vessels with the slogans painted upon them.
At our expense.
Simply click “Comments” and let us hear your suggestion.

2004 View to Beach

December 2004; a Natural Event

Clean Arugam Bay April 2005

April, 2005. A fine balance is still in place

Outlook 2005

2005: Is this what tourists come to the Bay for?

Outlook Dec. 2007: After NGO

YOUR Suggestions Please!

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