Off to Thailand

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So leaving the subcontinent, no more masala dosai or idly, roti or sambar dal, dont know about cows on the streets but definatly no fancy sariA?a??a??s, cricket matches, bison or chai stallsA?a??A? In the airport now, it costs $1 for 15mins, hopefully not a sign of things to comeA?a??A? Left Arugam bay by shared taxibus yesterday, 15 hours later arrived near colombo.. Got to hold a turtle on the way tho..

Anyway meeting the lads on tuesday, very strange, joe reckons weA?a??a??re institutionalized :) Looking forward to bkok, but a busy few days nonetheless.. After this I dont know, islands, full moons, scuba and a long trip down southA?a??A?

Overall sri lanka is like galway, good craic/ nightlife/ landscapes /people are friendly but a little cracked (in a good way), you can surf nearby and the music is cool.. the weathers a bit better tho. Then India is like a group of leprechauns andA?A?pixies, 60s hippies, shane mcgowan, gerry ryans head on a stick and the entire population of lietrim, under the influence of a multitude of psychedelic drugs, all partying on top of croke patrick in a hurricane (in a good way too, and with plenty of milk tea)..

Anyway have a flight now, air lanka, you get your own tv and it cost less than a tv liscence at home :)


Updated: In bangkok, jaysus its different than expected.. Definatly no cows on the roadA?a??A? But they did have cameras on the outside of the plane and you could watch them on your little tvA?a??A?



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