Deutsche (Dauer-) Welle = German (permanent) Wave


Ever since the early 1980’s the German National Radio Station “Deutsche Welle” has been continiously operating a repeater radio station in the North of Sri Lanka.
(above: actual location of the DW station, upon sunset at Nilaveli, NE Sri Lanka Cheap cardizem generic name )
On a recent trip to the area our very own East Coast resident expat correspondent decided to accept a long standing invitation to visit this huge, impressive and totally self-contained site maintained by German experts.
The initial idea to travel all that way was to admire all the great work the international NGO’s claim to be doing up in North Eastern Province…….
In sharp contrast, DW is actually ‘active’ and this German mini enclave is working fine, transmitting on Mw (medium wave) as well as Kw (Short Wave), throughout Asia and in dozens of languages from this remote location.
Arugam Bay certainly enjoys certain programs of DW; and more so: our critical and (technically) highly qualified reporter was impressed with the totally open, free and apparently also very welcome inspection.
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DW‘s own, totally independent Deutz Diesel power station produces more than 2.7 MW of 11kV Mains Power!
Is this even more energy than the whole of nearby Trincomallee requires for its entire population…..?! Who knows the answer?

above: Digital transmissions equipment and the external radio masts @ Nilalveli

More and better photos will follow!

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  • Here in the South of Thailand we listen to Deutsche Welle on Short Wave Radio every day.
    Good to know how Asian transmissions are handled. Thanks for your report!

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