Arugam.info is about to be complimented by similar information sites soon.
In future, news and events concerning our surounding area will have their own home.
For this purpose PottuVille.info, Lahugala.info Purchase phexin 500mg Cost of antivert and so on are already under construction.
Hopefully this move will allow us here to concentrate just on local issues concerning the famous Bay@Arugam!
Wait for our next post & feature: “Uptown Top Banking”; on this site soon.
For all of our German friends Arugam.de has just been registered:
Ihr werdet sehr bald Eure eigenen Seite haben!

3 Responses to “www.info”

  • …..Oh dear, Oh Dear Moni!
    how could we possibly miss out on world reknown Swiss Humor and all those East Mark, Austrian lively contributions?
    Even guys from far south as a Country called ‘Bavaria’ are already our best fans.
    I am informed their own, local language is somewhat similar to German.
    Of course EVERYONE is warmy welcome!

  • aehm …
    Is arugam.de meant for Germans only or also for other German speaking folks as well?

  • German website?
    One might really get the impression that you are fed up with those Germans 😉
    Well, right, better leave them outside *ROTFL*

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