#26 Farhath Guest House

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#26 Farhath Guest House (Sign)#26 Farhath has only been opened recently; maybe in mid 2007.
The timing was not good for business, which thie year never came.
However, the owners are friendly and they did try hard to please:
The openeing ‘party’ went well; they were very generous and invited half the village.

Mainly, Farhath Guest House is a little road side, colorful restaurant, land side, about opposite to #25 Lucky Leprechaun. They seem to specialize in local food only.
In addition, there are one or two small cabanas for rent at very reasonable rates.

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Let us see what happens now:
#26 Farhath:
You may be new, and small!
But on the Internet your little place is somewhat famous already!

Keep up the good work!

Roadview of #26 Farhath Guest House

Roadview of #26 Farhath Guest House

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