What does the International Press say?

Please help us to reproduce relevant Press reports about Arugam Bay related issues.

Not everyone is satisfied with local or National News coverage.

We have created a new part of our website specially for this purpose, please submit to VisitArugamBay@gmail.com all links of press articles about Arugam Bay.
We are happy to copy & paste them for all to see and consider.

To access this particular section, just hit the button “Press Cuttings” on the right side of this page (under ” Cheap Quibron-t Buy innopran worth a visit“) or click [here]

2 Responses to “What does the International Press say?”

  • Don’t worry David.
    All seems well this morning and all your staff and volunteers are safe.
    We experienced some rather tense moments yesterday, even I have to admit.
    However, due to a local Hartal up the road like Akkaraipattu and Komari there still is a transport and logistic impasse until tomorrow when we expect it to be lifted.
    Please contribute to our new brain child.
    Arugam.info is a forum for YOU ALL – after all.
    Fred & Team

  • Fred This is great. Well done and thanks for the info. What news to day on the Pottuvil situation. I was stopped enroute to Pottuvil/ABay yesterday and rerouted to Kandy!. Need to get back soon but I have volunteers to consider. They have mothers!

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