Surfers Circle

Bactrim ds epocrates online Bactrim osteomyelitis treatment Surfers Circle at Arugam Bay

Action by Christian Surfers in support of Arugam Bay

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  • Office Manager, AbHa

    Hi Thomas,
    From our good, long and local experience there is nothing unsusual in this issue.
    Ever since Dec. 2004 we have seen loads of so called ‘Helpers’ passing through the Bay.
    All came, promised the earth and vanished without leaving a trace or anything else to show for.
    If they had a good holiday, spent a bit of cash on food & drinks and gone home again: So what?
    And if they used donated money?
    Again, what’s the difference; most NGO’s do the very same thing. All they seem to do is to support their own lifestyle and secure their jobs. All we can expect is the hospitality windfall I suppose.
    We certainly know of no Club House, no special class room or anything else personally, but we will continue to ask around and post an update; if any.

    However, it seems that a multiple promised, very simple web cam to show daily surf conditions to Christian- as well as Non Christian- Surfers around the globe has so far not been within anyone’s budget.
    But this very easy support for the entire Community would have cost 50$ or so; maybe they are still trying to raise the huge sum for this aquisition from somewhere.

  • # Nigel
    I asked around the Bay and looked for a sign of support by “Christian Surfers”.
    The other religious group often in town call themselves “Surfing the Nations”.
    Sadly, nobody seems to know anything, locally, apart from the fact that these guys had a few good vacations at Arugam Bay.
    There is No Club house, no Classroom, No support for the only Community Centre or anything else as far as I could find out.
    Maybe someone else has better information?

  • The support from the surfing community is very impressive.
    At Arugam Bay I heard about a club house and other plans, such as classrooms etc. by Christian Surfers and other religious groups.
    Forgot the name of the Organization or Club.
    Does anyone know where all the projects are located?

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