Land for Sale at Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay, also known simply as A?a??E?A BayA?a??a?? on the south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka, remains relatively untouched by major tourism development, giving it an extremely chilled out and horizontalis kind of vibe. The main attractions to roll up for are the Yala East National Park, which surrounds the bay, and the splendid surf and water sports opportunities in the locale. Surf bums love it, divers come here in droves and if you merely want to spot dolphins or elephants, this is the way to go. Oh and surfs up whenever you care to learn how. RoccoA?a??a??s Hotel and a host of bars and restaurants are of course completely at your disposal and just down the road. Komari Estate is beginning to make some noise as a blank space in search of commercial guidance.

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  • This post is quite an old one.
    Rules & Regulations – specially regarding land purchases by foreigners have changed since 2006.

    So have prices….

    We suggest that you send our e-mail inquiry to

    And details shall be sent.

  • Michael Carberry

    Can you please give me information in regards to the land for sale in Arugum Bay. Regards, Michael

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