On The Bus(ses)

From The South to Arugam Bay

This article is written to clarify Public Transport options.
From the ”Deep” South (anywhere! – to remote AbaY)
We just offer this alternative to Travelers – it is NOT intended to compete with Taxi operators.
But this – once in a lifetime Journey – offers a Cheap, economical, environmentally friendly Thrill.
A unique chance of a life time, for travelers who prefer to spend saved cash directly within a Community.
And interact with day to day poor local travelers.

Stuck in (overpriced) Galle (Tuks charge up to Rs./ 500/km!)
– We searched the Internet:
And all sorts of strange results come up for this Connection (Galle to AbaY).
Quoting long journey times, difficult connections, weird rates, etc.
Apparently it is almost impossible, takes a day +++ and at least 13 hours.

We decided to put it to the test!

Departing at around 10am from Galle.
Main Bus Depot. Main Road – in this case on the Kataragama Bus.
We also could have chosen the Badulla Bus (via Wellawaya)
Or another one via Matara etc.
+ Points:
1.) Very reasonable (Rs./ 819)
2.) Very frequent services (every hour?)
3.) HUGE savings on Roller Coaster rides
4.) It for sure is Your thrill of a Life time = A really fatalistic ride of the Century

– Points
1.) Sardine Can experience (we got window seats – lucky for some)
2.) Far too many frequent stops all over the A2
3.) Loud Music (penetrating our own ear phones)

Next Bus:
Weerawila -to- Monaragala

+ Points:
1.) Very reasonable (Rs./ 406)
2.) Bus almost empty (Pick Your seat!)
3.) Pit Stop half way (Good Food & Drinks)
4.) Perfect Roads – great Countryside
5.) Much more civilised Drivers
6.) Donation based FREE Life Music (see below)

– Points:
1.) Goes round a LOOOOOONG way
2.) Via Wellawaya (nr. Ella) even
3.) That made the direct 60km ride into a near 200km sightseeing trip

The Last Bus:
Monaragala – to – Central Arugam Bay

+ Points:
1.) Incredibly Cheap (Rs./ 339 only)
2.) Leaves sharp on time (16:30 in our case)
3.) Super friendly, fair, helpful staff
4.) Clean Bus Station (with attached Liquor bar / shop)
5.) Bus continues to PANAMA via AbaY = At no extra costs
6.) That means they drop everyone off anywhere in Arugam Bay
7.) Saves Tuk Transfer from PottuVille to AbaY (Rs./ 1k)

Arrival in the Centre of Arugam Bay (at the m. Meena Bar / Siam View Bus Stop)
At around Sunset time:
Perfect for a first, cool drink in one of the leading Bars!

There are Many, Many ways EAST.
All are awesome ways to travel.
Some trips are super Cheap – and create Memories of a life Time

AbaY Opportunities, Rents, Stalls, Shops

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10 More days to Go!

Before the start of AbaY’s Best ever High Season = 1st. April 2023


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Balaji Ocean Hotel, Arugam Bay

Lankaila pumps in Rs. 160m, acquires sixth local hotel

Chairman Lankaila Dhakshitha Bogollagama exchanges the agreement with members of the Balaji Ocean Hotel, Arugam Bay

In addition to their recent acquirement of the iconic Peacock Hotel in Hambantota, this Singapore / Sri Lankan group has shown Full Confidence in remote Arugam Bay.
Being a true, All-Year-Round Tourist Destination.

Lankaila comprising a consortium of investors from Sri Lanka and Singapore made its sixth acquisition in the local hotel sector when they took an 80% controlling stake of Balaji Ocean Hotel, Arugam Bay pumping in over Rs. 160 million.

“We have already made investments of over USD 8 million for seven more such acquisitions so far,” said Chairman Lankaila, Dhakshitha Bogollagama. The Balaji acquisition mark their presence in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

“We have also allocated over USD 50 million to further invest in other hotels. These investments amply demonstrates the confidence the company has in the stability and tourism segment of Sri Lanka and we are looking at more Hotels to invest in collaboration with local investors.

“We have access to international funding, technology and believe in mutual synergy and cooperation to work with Sri Lankan companies together and to provide them with the funds, technology and international networks to grow,” he said.

Lankaila with their partner company Zeta which is the first in the world to provide a proprietary platform that integrates digital marketing to booking operations to finance will also help their assorted hotels to upgrade standards.

“This permits hotels to increase revenue through direct sales and digital marketing, and reduce costs through technology with a state of the art Hotel management system based out of Singapore,” Bogollagama said.

Ceybook.com is their own booking website which has its own payment gateway and one and only Sri Lankan Online Travel Agency (“OTA”) type booking platforms.

Ceybook is also a hotel cloud hotel management platform which can control hotels remotely which includes staff management, Guest check in, check out, accounting and all in one.

“They are also looking to provide similar operations, management and marketing support to other Hotels across Sri Lanka,” he said.

Their Digital Concierge service “DCS” will be the world’s first digital concierge service to all tourists into Sri Lanka. DCS will provide help and support to tourists on arrival, through their journey in Sri Lanka up to the point of departure.


Arugam Bay: Guide to Sri Lanka’s surfer’s paradise 

Written by Veidehi Gite

Feb 22, 2023, 02:41 pm

3 min read

Take a dip in the warm, inviting waters to experience the thrill of surfing

If you are ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay is the perfect destination for you.This gorgeous coastal town offers an array of activities for exploration, relaxation, and fun.Take a dip in the surfing hotspots, sample some local cuisine, and unwind in the luxurious beach resorts on this white sandy beach.

Soak in the natural beauty

Located on the eastern coast of the country, Arugam Bay offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean, lush jungles, and a variety of wildlife.It is the perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.Home to many traditional villages, it gives visitors a glimpse into the rich culture of the island.You can enjoy sitting in the sun on a leisurely afternoon.

Explore local culture and traditions

From the vibrant street markets to the spiritual temples and breathtaking sunset, Arugam Bay is the perfect place to immerse yourself to learn the Sri Lankan culture.You can explore the stunning beaches, visit the colorful markets and sample some of the local cuisines, or take a trip to one of the nearby temples and absorb the spiritual beliefs of the locals.

Take a dip in the surfing hotspots

This stunning beach is known for its world-class waves, perfect for all levels of surfing skills.Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, you’re sure to find a break that suits you.Arugam Bay’s magnificent views and crystal-clear waters make it the perfect place to indulge in surfing. Take a dip in the warm, inviting waters to experience the thrill of surfing.

Sample delicious Sri Lankan cuisine

From the famous string hoppers to the unique curries and rice dishes, you can sample them all in Arugam Bay.The ingredients are fresh, the flavors are bold and the recipes range from simple to complex.Whether you’re looking for a light breakfast or a filling dinner, Arugam Bay has something for everyone. You won’t be disappointed by the flavorful cuisine here.

Unwind in the luxurious beach resorts

You can enjoy breathtaking sunsets, crystal clear waters, and pristine white sand in Arugam Bay.Revel in the tropical atmosphere as you unwind in the luxurious beach resorts.You can take a stroll, indulge in water sports, or simply bask in the sun.From luxurious poolside villas to cozy beachside bungalows, resorts in Arugam Bay offer the perfect environment for a relaxing getaway.

Ride4Ceylon: AbaY-to-Jaffna

Adam Santo – CEO, Sydney FC

The eagerly anticipated R4C2023 gets underway from 1-4 March, with a R4C record breaking 85 participants.

Cyclists from around the world will descend on Sri Lanka to ride approx 475km, from Arugam Bay to Jaffna, in aid of Green Memorial Hospital, Jaffna. Through sponsorships and donations, each rider raises funds to assist with the renovation project at the hospital.

R4C is the fundraising branch of the U.K. based charity Friends of Manipay Hospital. Alarmed to see the once thriving GMH in a state of disrepair, brothers Prof Jayantha Arnold and Anandan Arnold put the wheels in motion to renovate and reaffirm the hospital’s core value.

Continue reading ‘Ride4Ceylon: AbaY-to-Jaffna’

The Good. The Bad. And the …. much Better ;-)

A quick look at
Global, National and Local Security Issues.
Q.: Where?
Would YOU wish Your Kids to be in times of Trouble?

1# The GOOD:
According to the above Post / Research Sri Lanka = Ceylon
Is a safe, non contested or a Nation in dispute with any other!

2# The BAD:
Locally (Sri Lanka, Nationally):

Some expect new & more demonstrations.
Specially mid March due to local elections taking place.
Maybe similar to what had happened in mid 2022
But all of those will be on the other side:
The West. Not the East.

Because here people are generally content & happy.

Discontent in Colombo and the South is brewing up. Again

3#: The BETTER:
Just consider this confirmed History. Below.
Direct from The Ceylon….Sri Lanka..:
Eastern Front (aka Arugam Bay):

RED: We had a 30 Year Civil War
RED: We had a 2004 Tsunami
RED: There was a C-19 Pandemonium, globally
RED: We had Colombo Bomb Blasts

Yellow: Not a single shot was ever fired here in the “War”
Yellow: Surfers still came – and had a great, ultra safe time!
Yellow: Covid: AbaY remained Open every Day. Nobody had any issue here
Yellow: Those evil Bombs had no effect on AbaY at all.

Green: NO Covid
Green: NO Dengue
Green: NO Malaria
Green: NO Rabies
Green: NO Food Shortages
Green: NO Fuel Shortages
Green: Hardly any Power Cuts
Green: Great, High Speed Internet
Green: Always plenty of fresh Food, clean, unlimited Water!

VISIT remote Arugam Bay!
The perhaps most safe place to be.

Plus our more or less guaranteed 333 Days of Sunshine are also no mistake to enjoy….

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Historic Footage – SVH @ AbaY

The BoC Branch @ The Old Siam View, 2002

Twenty Years ago.
There was a branch of the State Bank of Ceylon located under the popular Siam View Restaurant.
The moderate rent was paid directly from the BoC Head Office to the rightful land owners.
Unknown to everyone, an outrageous fraud was already committed 5 years earlier.
By the same Bank manager who had stolen the land documents in 1995 and had the premises transferred into his own, private name!

Only now, after 25 years, with the support of the Hon. East Province Governor and the panel of experts, the Divisional Secretary and the C.I.D. are investigating those serious matters.

AbaY Opportunities, Rents, Stalls, Shops

Please Click here. To open most amazing Offers!

A successful Food Court / Events park

Arugam Bay is getting ready for the 2023 High season!

Q.: Who?

Wants to:

1.) Work with us? – Run our New Nomads Center and/or:

2.) Start your own little business.

3.) On the brand new AbaY Food & Adventure Court

3.) Rent (part of-) long existing premises

4.) 100m direct Oceanfront access land is waiting for YOUR purposes

5.) Rent one of 7 already existing Shop Units on the Main Road

6.) Be your own Boss – Run your own outlet / restaurant

7.) All with having Full permits & approvals already

8.) Ability & Skills are more important than Investment

9.) Only the most suitable, honest people will be considered.

Ask us anything! – Every message will be answered.

+94702042271 (Whats Up)


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MRIA to be promoted as an ‘exotic tourism destination airport’

Matala Rajapack Airport at Christmas 2022

Airport and Aviation Services yesterday said it is keen on promoting Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) as an “exotic tourism destination airport”, so that its full potential can be realised. 

Airport and Aviation Services Chairman Major General G.A. Chandrasiri said that the efforts towards that goal would be rolled out by promoting hotspots such as Ella, Yala, Arugam Bay and Udawalawa, which can easily be accessed via MRIA. 

He stressed that MRIA is an “attractive” airport for tourism, as it provides easy access to wildlife parks, beaches and cultural and religious attractions. “This route development will boost the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, especially in the post-pandemic period,” said Chandrasiri at the ceremony that was held to welcome the first charter flight by Russia’s Red Wings.With the landing of Red Wings, MRIA resumed international operations after nearly two years. The last international flight that arrived at MRIA was in 2021.

Arugam Dan.
@ MIRA in 2022
Arugam Dan & Father at MIRA 2022


Leader of the Panama Pattuwa Land Struggle

Gnanamuttu Kusumawathi

Photo courtesy of Samanthi J. Gunawardana

Gnanamuttu Kusumawathi, known as Kusuma akka, passed away five years ago. We remember her rebellious spirit and strength with admiration and gratitude. Kusuma akka was a leader in the Panama Pattuwa (Pattuwa refers to an identified area of land in Sinhala) land struggle from August 2010 until the day she died of a heart attack on December 23, 2017. We reflect on her contribution and leadership in the land struggle and on where it is at present, especially in light of the vibrant social movements that emerged in 2022. Her contribution marks a long unrecognized tradition of leadership among rural women in Sri Lanka.

Kusuma akka, like her parents, husband and children, was born in Panama in 1973, a coastal town in Eastern Sri Lanka. Before the emergence of the prominent land struggle the area was understood through the lens of an era-defining separatist war between the LTTE and the armed forces. Panama was an intermediate area in the landscape of contested territory where Tamil and Sinhala communities had a long history of intermarriage, kinship and ritual. Caste was the major source of social division rather than ethnicity. Panama had religious and spiritual significance. The two ethnic communities were connected through cross religious ritual and worship involving the god Murugan (Tamil Hindu) known as Kataragama deiyo (Sinhalese) and Hindu goddess Pattini (Kannagi in Tamil) and god K?valan. Pattini in particular is worshiped in Panama across all social categories and is seen as protecting the villages and giving its people strength.

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New Years’s Eve Event

New Years Eve Get-Together
@ The Old Siam View Hotel.
Arugam Bay.
Everyone is welcome.
As Always:
Gents walk Inn FREE – Ladies Pay Double

Doors will open at 5pm as always.
There will be mellow music, good drinks, nice people.
Every Non Drunk / Non Aggressive Person is Most welcome!

FiFa Low Budget Package Tours.

Come to Arugam Bay.
To watch every single FiFa Qatar game in style.
Basic All-in Transfers from Colombo are only:
Rs./ 12,500 (or 35$) per person
Local accommodation is now very, very cheap in AbaY

Siam View Sports Pub

We are inviting All Low Budget Travelers and Football Fans.
To enjoy every single game with us in Arugam Bay.
A.) NO Power Cuts
B.) Lowest possible room rates
C.) 3 Huge Screens & 2 TV’s
D.) 500++ Channels
E.) Backup Systems
F.) Security
G.) Open all Night

Because we are offering December Specials:
“Come to AbaY to watch the World cup Tours”
We will:
1.) Meet our groups in a Colombo Sports Pub
2.) Watch afternoon games. Like in “Cheers”)
3.) Enjoy their amazing Happy Hours (up to 7pm)
4.) Transfer to Maradana – Madonna Bus stand
5.) 3 Luxury air-con sleeper coaches to chose from
6.) Save hotel costs by overnight trip to Pottuville, E.P.
7.) 4am Transfer to say, Nomads (or similar being open) for a Coffee
8.) Early check in to any of our participating hotels / guest houses
9.) Lunch / Dinner to be arranged
10.) Watching Every single Game on Siam View Sports Screens (FREE)

This offer will be valid for December up to 20th .
Watching those games in Good Company creates a great atmosphere.
Transfers back are also arranged of course.

Those entire packages are aimed at LOW Budget people.
With a very, very basic price tag.
Once here, add ons, Safaris, local spending, Surf Lessons, Swimming.
National Parks etc. are always on offer.
It’s THE best time of year (for non surfers) to visit the East:
Mild, Not Hot, Sunny, No rain!

Reservations / Inquiries:
Every one will receive an answer.
Whats App:

For daily News and offers Join our popular Groups:

SURFER’s Night

Monday 10th of The 10th Month 2022
Everyone is most Welcome!

Admire this Year’s Best Drone Videos in HQ (High Definition)
On The HUGE Screens at the Old Siam View !

1.) Authentic Thai Food
2.) Real German Oktoberfest Beers
3.) Great Music & Performances

As Always:
Gents Walk Inn Free.
Ladies Pay Double

The AbaY Mauer (Wall)

On the Anniversary of the better known Berlin Wall, 13th August remote Arugam Bay has an equally outrageous Mauer Construction event to be reminded of.

The Arugam Bay = SVH Mauer Bau.

The wall the ALIYAR build around the Old Siam View Hotel

The local architect was not a politician like Herr Walter Ulbricht.
It is a now disgraced, but formerly (wrongfully..) somewhat respected manager of a State Bank.

Knowing that the property owner is abroad, to collect his Sri Lankan born daughter from her Boarding school.
What did he do?

He instructed his henchmen and loco building troops to construct a Concrete wall around the Siam View Hotel premises.

In order to take possession and claim the property.
WITHOUT – of course – any agreement.
Or indeed having paid even one Cent !

This is the Original Walter Wall Architect.
“Nobody has the intention to build a Wall”
The Famous Lying Statement of Last Century
(see and listen to the unique famous video below)

This AbaY Wall Architect at Work.
“I am your Best and most trusted local Friend”
Another famous false statement by a greedy, fraud planning, land grabbing man.
Abusing his position of trust
(wait for our upload of just discovered famous CCTV recordings!)

Below is the master of it all:

Nobody has the intention to build a wall
Nobody has the intention to steal your land..

This is the Vehicle they use.
If you see it, ask them about that case and why they are usually hiding

Surfing hotspot Arugam Bay

….to come under fresh spotlight this World Tourism Day

Sri Lanka’s surfing hot spot will come under fresh spotlight this World Tourism Day, as plans are afoot to host the Arugambay Tourism Day programme with the global event.

A meeting with the key stakeholders of the tourism sector and the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) this week decided to highlight the picturesque beaches of Arugambay for promotions during the upcoming World Tourism Day 2022, to lure international visitors to the country.

The Arugambay Tourism Day event will be held on
September 27.   
The meeting was held with Ampara District Secretary J.M.A. Douglas, Chamber of Tourism and Industry Sri Lanka President A.M. Jaufer and SLTDA Chairman Priantha Fernando.  Several non-governmental organisations of the Ampara district and stakeholders related to the tourism sector engaged in the discussion.

During the discussion, opinions and suggestions were sought from the officials with regard to special activities, security and infrastructure arrangements to be included in the Tourism Day programme.

The meeting was organized by NGO Coordinator I.M.L. Irfan, Senior Inspector General of Police J.R. Senadheera, Ampara Additional District Secretary V. Jegadeesan and Pothuvil Acting Divisional Secretary Anuruddha Sandaruwan.