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Nice! To see that Arugam Bay is being mentioned.
Sad  that this promotion used totally wrong images. Causing dismay to the entire Surf Community.

This just in from London. Carve reader Will Robertson sent in this pic of a Sri Lanka tourist board ad which is all over London underground.

“It’s been a while since I last surfed A Bay, but judging from this poster on the wall of the London tube the reef must have shifted and it’s got a lot more square. And Fanning’s doing a good job of surfing it switch too.

It’s definitely a “different kind of surf” – quite literally.

Oh how lazy ad people can miss some fundamentals – thought I would share the love.”

Not sure what is more annoying. Using a wave from a totally different ocean as A Bay (A Bay is actually very fun in its own right). The sacrilege of putting Mick the wrong way round. Or the irony that we actually emailed Sri Lanka tourist board to offer a bit of help before Christmas and they ignored our emails.

If you want a campaign done right, maybe hire surfing art director?

Surf Competition in July

Red Bull Ride my Wave Competition

Arugam Bay gets ready for Red Bull Ride My Wave
Details and online Entry Form

On 23rd July, Red Bull Ride My Wave returns to the Sri Lanka’s surf capital, Arugam Bay.

Red Bull Surf Competition at Arugam Bay

Red Bull Surf Competition at Arugam Bay

Competing surfers will take on the waves in a head to head competition to be crowned champion of Red Bull Ride My Wave 2015.

Driven by the popularity of the 2014 event, this year’s edition of Red Bull Ride My Wave will see domestic and international surfers compete over three days on the island’s eastern coastline.

Red Bull Ride My Wave will be hosted by officials from the Association of Surfing Professionals, who will run the event as per international surfing rules and regulations, including three days of heats before culminating in the Finals on July 25th

The islanders will play with home advantage, but will no doubt face stiff competition from the international surfers. The combination of home grown and international talent promises to promote Sri Lanka as one of the best surfing destinations.

Red Bull has been actively involved in surfing events for several years, hosting competitions on every continent around the world. Surfing in Sri Lanka has seen a considerable movement from being a healthy pastime and tourism tool to one of professional sport. This has been driven by both passionate surfers within the country and Red Bull’s very own series of surfing projects. In 2013, Red Bull Sri Lanka held the Local Hero Tour with Peruvian Pro Surfer, Gabriel Villarán, who ran workshops and judged an intense competition where 30 young Sri Lankans showcased their talent on the beaches of Arugam Bay. The success of this event set the foundation for an international surfing stage in Sri Lanka, activating the inaugural Red Bull Ride My Wave last year. The competition pitted the sport’s greatest local surfers from the Eastern and Southern waters against each other in a quest to determine which region was home to the island’s best surfers. Hosted by Costa Rican Pro Surfer, Diego Naranjo, the East Coast team emerged victorious and went on to represent Sri Lanka at Red Bull Both Ways in the Maldives, where they placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

To register for Red Bull Ride My Wave 2015, sign up before July 19th 2015 at

Red Bull  Background Info.

Red Bull
Background Info.


The rising tide in Lankan surfing

The Rising Tide in S. L. Surfing

From Arugam Bay with its legions of thunderous marching waves to the enchantingly golden seas and beaches along the southern coastline, surfing in Sri Lanka has seen a sizable structural shift. From existing entirely as a healthy pastime and tourism tool, in recent years it has thrown on a thicker cloak of sporting legitimacy, stitched together by a collection of passionate practitioners and benevolent organizers of surfing projects and competitions.

Sri Lanka on March 15th, 2014

Last week saw the beginning of one such helpful competition, Red Bull Ride My Wave, a unique local surfing tournament which matches up surfers from the country’s two renowned hubs for the sport, the eastern and southern coasts.

By doing this the competition aims to discover the island’s best surfers, foster friendly rivalry and promote and develop the sport. The competition is being staged in a two-leg format, with the opening round in the south coast ending on March 15 before action resumes in Arugam Bay from August 5-7.

Surfing on unfamiliar waters, the men from the east nevertheless managed to pull off an upset, spearheaded by Asanka, a name synonymous with the sport locally. Asanka’s imaginative over-water artillery outgunned anything anyone else could pull out of their arsenal and helped him ride away with the opening leg’s top surfer title.

Surfers at Mirissa

“I am delighted with the result. It is a reflection of the hard work of each surfer. It was an honour to captain this team,” Asanka revealed.

“This is going to be good for the future of surfing in Sri Lanka. I am also very proud to be named the best surfer from the three heats as there are many good surfers on both teams.” Continue reading ‘The rising tide in Lankan surfing’


Hauling across the waves of Arugam Bay

The Sunday Times:

Well before the sun makes its patient ascent into the sky’s magnificent canvas of crimson, blue and white, Gabriel Villaran’s silhouette is etched against Arugam Bay’s think sand dunes.

Ready for the swell in Arugam's crystal clear waters

With his sleek surf board tucked like a wand under his arm, one of the world’s top surf stars makes a beeline to the brilliant blue sea, to conjure his unique magic on the rising tide.

Gliding majestically across the waves, Gabriel evokes two powerful and distinctly different emotions.

First there is the passion which seems to constantly linger over him during his entire time in the water, mottled with boyish exuberance and excitement.

And then a sort of naked aggression, present in each graceful twist of his lithe and muscle-bound body, as he battles to master the raging waters.

The 29-year-old Peruvian has now had plenty of opportunities to size up the seas of Arugam Bay and has seemingly blended seamlessly with its surroundings.

When he first arrived at the popular surf destination in 2010 for official competition, Gabriel realised that the waters near A-Bay possessed huge potential for the adrenaline-fueled acrobatic maneuvers he regularly pulls off.

This understanding prompted Gabriel to respond positively when Red Bull searched its pool of surfers for a suitable candidate to lead its Local Hero Tour in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and unearth a top surfer from each country.

“When they asked for a volunteer athlete from Red Bull I was like, ‘Yea I want to come’.

That’s why it is so important to have international contests because then you show the world that you guys have good waves and a nice country,” Gabriel explains.

Gabriel quickly re-immersed himself in the waters and ways of Arugam Bay, mentoring the gifted local surfers on the finer points of the sport while grabbing every possible chance to test his own considerable powers in the waters.

His artistry at the crest of each wave and his rugged good looks easily communicate why Gabriel is such a top-ranked surfer on the international circuit as well as a global poster child for the sport.

His fearlessness while surfing is exemplified by his regular participation in Big Wave events, which pit participants against tsunami-sized walls of water.

Surf sites across the internet are littered with videos of Gabriel navigating these gigantic waves, which would leave most people paralyzed with fear.

For Gabriel though, these monstrous bodies of water are enormous caches of adrenaline and once on them he is a sight to behold.

His arms confidently outstretched and eyes aflame with focus, he waits crouched in anticipation for the right moment to unleash his own flood of creativity.

Back at Arugam Bay, the waves, although smaller, propose their own unique field of obstacles to Gabriel and a battalion of other surfers from Sri Lanka and the rest of the world.

“It’s a really good wave. It’s a proper wave. It’s long and has good sections which you can do a lot of stuff on. It’s really hard to find a wave like this. There is a lot of potential here and a lot of potential for the near future,” Gabriel opines.

This environment has fashioned a fine bevy of Lankan surfers, and the Red Bull Local Hero Tour threw a bright spotlight on the best of them.

After several rounds of competition and a series of lectures from Gabriel, Praneeth Sadaruwan was crowned the country’s Local Hero, after he was found to be the surfer who demonstrated the most promise in the water while also proving to be the most receptive to the advice given.

Praneeth, who is now in the Maldives with Gabriel helping him search for their Local Hero, says that he benefited greatly from Gabriel’s guidance and would continue to adorn his style and preparation with the technical nuggets and training tips he received.

“Everyone learnt a lot from Gabriel. He kept saying you’re doing good but you need to keep trying new things and do them properly. So he taught us very well,” Praneeth revealed.

After he is done with the pristine beaches of the Maldives, Gabriel will pick up his board and head back into Big Wave competition in his continual quest for the perfect wave and a top place finish.

“The Big Wave event has five contests a year with the biggest waves in the world. Right now I’m in the top six in the world and in the near future I would like to make it into top three and eventually go on to win the title.”

His career is likely to haul him across varying pattern of waves, cultures and people.

If the unrestrained love he expresses for the Arugam Bay surfing landscape is a suitable barometer for his future travel plans, Sri Lanka is likely to see a lot more of Gabriel Villaran and his exhilarating brand of surfing.


Arugam Surf Classic

Mid Year Festival

Surf, Socialise & PARTY!

This year’s awesome 3 day event has begun this morning at famous Surf Point

Every night there will be a variety of local Entertainment.
Food stalls, licensed bars, live music events and more.
All venues are totally FREE to attend – as it is Arugam’s long standing tradition
“Ladies walk in Free”
All (well behaved) men also!


No Need!

To bring you own board !
Arugam Bay has plenty of Surf Shops
And low daily rentals

c/c “Arugam Surf”

Image & caption taken from “Arugam Surf” on Facebook.
A popular page with 144,000 ‘Likes’
and more than 60 Million friends-of-friends


More Than Just Another Surfing Destination

More Than Just Another Surfing Destination

COOLANGATTA, Queensland/Australia (Thursday, 12 January, 2012) –
For the last 2 year ASP Australasia have been involved in the running of one of the most exotic events on the ASP calendar – The SriLankan Airlines Pro.

Beautiful Arugam Bay. Pic ASP/Will H-S

2010 saw the event play host to the world’s best male surfers vying for valuable ASP 6-Star points at the now world renowned Arugam Bay. Julian Wilson (AUS) took out the event, with his radical approach to the long reeling right handers, earning some solid prize-money and points that helped him qualify for the elite ASP World Title Race. (Click here to watch event TV Show.)

In 2011 The SriLankan Airlines Pro changed, the event was the first of it’s kind, two events in one – a 6-Star Women’s event and Men’s World Longboard Title event. Both events were treated to classic waves and unforgettable Sri Lankan hospitality. (Click here for event TV Show.)

If you’ve been wondering which location to select for your next surfing safari, make sure you check out these videos and consider making Sri Lanka’s many long right-handed point breaks your destination.



Arugam Bay at it’s best

A  good, remarkable video clip.
In perfect quality, with super clear images.
Great shots with a somewhat long, detailled commentary


Arugam Bay reaching out as a water sport destination

….. Arugam Bay is becoming a global surfing destination …..

By Naushad Amit

Sri Lankans only see surfing, the fascinating sport where an individual can be seen battling huge waves on a board, on the television from time to time. But as at this year many a local know what surfing is and how the sport is being leveled.

Sarah Mason of New Zealand in action in the semi-final of the 6Star Women’s World Tour against finalist Lakey Peterson of the USA. (Pix by Amila Prabodha)

The SriLankan Airlines Pro Surfing competition held last week and the initiative in 2010 in Arugam Bay has made a huge impact in promoting the water sport in the country. But even during the period of then war surfing was evidently a great attraction for the locals in the tourist areas such as Bentota and Hikkaduwa in the southern coastal belt and in Negombo towards the northwest. Sri Lankans would have never thought that surfing will have a massive global interest, especially in Arugam Bay in the eastern coast. Arugam Bay is a place that was battered by the three-decade long ethnic war. The area was further hampered by the devastating tsunami in 2004, making the location even vulnerable.

Almost a decade ago, the tourists took the risk in visiting the location with their heavy packs which included a surfing board though locals feared to travel to Arugam Bay. These visits by the foreigners who regarded Arugam Bay as a perfect location for surfing opened doors to the youths in the area who were traditional fishermen.

A young set of youngsters, eight years back from now formed the Arugam Bay Surf Club (ABSC) scenting surfing had the potential to build up their lives. The surfers of Arugam Bay still do fishing for a living for six months and during the off period of the year which turns out as the best for surfing they engage in the water sport in different way; helping out the tourists and at the same time competing at local tournaments.

Victorious Duane Desoto being carried by his friends soon after the final duel against Taylor Jensen of the USA.

“Even during the war lot of tourists came to Arugam Bay and the people of the area were engaged with tourism throughout the year. Today tourism is the main income source for people in Arugam Bay Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay reaching out as a water sport destination’


Arugam Bay should retain its charm and character

By Harischandra Gunaratna
Michelle Mitchelle and Natalie Loos Moutou, two sisters of Sri Lankan origin living in Sydney,Australia were on holiday in Arugam Bay and they were mesmerised with its bounden beauty, the sandy beaches and calm waters.

Sri Lankan emmigrants returned to base

But they had a word of caution “Arugam Bay should retain its tranquility and rustic charm and the authorities should not allow unnecessary development such as high rise buildings and overcrowd the area. Such action would ruin the pristine beauty for which Arugam Bay is known internationally.”

Michelle and Natalie are the daughters of Claudette and Patrick Loos, a Sri Lanka couple who migrated Down Under in the 70s and made Sydney their home.

Michelle and Natalie (from Down Under)

Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay should retain its charm and character’

Surfs Up

(Surf is up)

The ‘Sri Lankan Pro’-surfing contest commenced in the Arugambay coastal belt today.  This is the largest Beach Pageant held in the Indian Ocean Region.

Arugam Bay. Is popular with Lady Surfers

More than 100 foreigners are set to take part in the contest.
Surfers from several countries will participate  in the ‘Sri Lankan Pro’ contest which will be held until next Sunday.
A large number of locals too have gathered for the function with several other attractions in the area.

Among them are the Magul Maha Viharaya, Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Kudumbigala Forest Sanctuary, Bird Sanctuary and Crocodile Rock.


Arugam Bay and the Arugam Bay Surf Club

…..” Then he told me about a strange building above the bay called ‘the castle’:
‘It’s thirty years old – very old.
It was made by an English guy called Richard” …..

Arugam Bay and the surf point

Arugam Bay has been known as a top surfing area for many years now. During the season, from about May to November, it is easily the most popular destination for foreign visitors to the east coast. It’s a working fishing beach and there is quite a lot of rubbish on the sands, compared with the southern beaches, and is perhaps not the best place to come just for a beach holiday: most foreigners I met were there for the surfing. Many locals want to clean up the beach, however – see below – so this may change. For now it’s still very pretty, and quiet, if you want a place to gather your thoughts, and you can visit nearby mangroves on Pottuvil lagoon, or go to Kudimbigala Forest Hermitage to see Buddhist shrines. The Lahugala-Kitulana National Park is 16km inland from Pottuvil and large herds of elephants move there during the dry season (July and August).

Fishermen on Arugam Bay

The road from Arugam Bay is now completely open so you can travel south to Okanda and visit Yala East National Park. This park was Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay and the Arugam Bay Surf Club’


ASP @ Arugam Bay August 30 – September 4

“Arugam Bay
is such a great wave for both competitors and spectators,”

Aragum Bay © ASP

Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

ASP 6-Star women’s event
ASP World Longboard men’s event
Arugum Bay Sri Lanka
30 August – 4 September 2011

World First At This Year’s Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 July, 2011 : – – Coolangatta — Sri Lankan Airlines and the ASP are pleased to announce the addition of the 2011 Sri Lankan Airlines Pro to the ASP Tour calendar. This year the Sri Lankan Airlines Pro will see an exciting world first by combining an ASP 6-Star women’s event and an ASP World Longboard Title (WLT) men’s event.

The Sri Lankan Airlines Pro will return to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka after last year’s event saw consistent, pumping waves running down the famous right-hand point for the duration of the waiting period. ASP Australasia General Manager Dane Jordan is excited to see Sri Lanka on the ASP Tour in 2011.

“Arugam Bay is such a great wave for both competitors and spectators,”
Jordan said. “Last year the men (6 star event) scored almost perfect waves every day and now it’s the women and the longboarders’ turn. Sri Lanka is such an exotic destination for surfers and to have a World Title event at Arugam Bay is great for the sport worldwide and within Sri Lanka. Continue reading ‘ASP @ Arugam Bay August 30 – September 4’



Donated surfboards finally reach surfers in Sri Lanka

The Arugam BaySurfers

Paddle4Relief (P4R) Founder, Tim Tanton, with the help of representatives from both Arugam Bay Surf Club and West Coast Surf Club, have finally managed to get the donated shipment of surfboards cleared from Sri Lankan Customs!
The 36 boards were sent out by the Braunton charity in February, but were delayed at customs. Tim, was in Sri Lanka for a prolonged period of three months trying to free the shipment from the country’s border, which he said only seemed possible through financial contributions.
“It was a very stressful time because being a charity we run on minimal costs and in the end it led to me paying £750 out of my own pocket.”
Quite an expensive donation but well worth it when one sees the joy of the youngsters as their eyes light up and they have the chance to learn to surf.The boards are crucial to Sri Lankan surfing communities to give talented surfers the opportunity to improve and for the the little ones to learn. The majority of the surfboards have now been distributed around the island. More will be handed out on Tim’s next visit to a few more obscure places that he was unable to get to this time.
The trip has been exhausting and traumatic. Emotions have run high, and tears have been shed. Frustration has been evident, both from Tim, himself, and the surfers of Sri Lanka. They have been upset that their fellow countrymen have caused so much disruption both through bureaucratic nonsense, corruption and jealousy.
What one could describe as a nightmare, it has been a success. One can see from the photos, whether it is Geeva, a young female Sri Lankan teenager learning to surf, or Asanka, Sri Lanka’s Number one surfer, or Chumphikha who doesn’t surf but enjoys the vibe, that all the blood, sweat and tears are worth it.

Geeva . . . . . loves learning to surf

Tim said that developing the deprived country’s natural asset of great surfing conditions is an obvious way of building a sustainable economy for those providing surfing lessons and equipment hire.
The surfers in Arugam Bay are now able to use the soft top surfboards to run surf lessons for both tourists and for the younger children in the community. This enables them to earn a salary and to give back something to their community. They are now fortunate to have an office to use as a base, and where they can take bookings for lessons, store surfboards and inform tourists of where and when to surf.

Chumphikha . . . . . . loves the vibe

We, Paddle4Relief, have been instrumental in empowering the young surfers of Arugam Bay to realise the potential of their sport and in taking responsibility for their environment, their playground. They have previously realised the need to carry out Beach Cleans, and they are presently involved in establishing a working committee with other organisations and officers within the community to develop a sustainable programme where they can protect their environment.

Asanka . . . . . Sri Lanka's Number 1 surfer

The support from the North Devon Community, the Sri Lanka Surfing Community, Christian Surfers UK, Surf Relief UK, Tiki Surf International, Fluid Juice, Constantine Surf, Croyde Surf Life Saving Club and the team of friends that support Tim at Paddle4Relief have made this possible. Special thanks must go to Phil Williams of Christian Surfers UK for his continued committment to the surfers in Sri Lanka and his ability to provide both spiritual and financial support.
It is still hard to put the experience into words. Tim explained that he been at a very low ebb on number of occasions throughout the episode and yet he says
“there is the enormous satisfaction that we stuck by our committment and came out the other side”
Realisation is that it did cost a lot more money than expected. Money that the charity, P4R, didn’t have. So somehow P4R need to raise more at this years event in August to rebalance the accounts. It has taken a lot of energy but it has brought something to others that money cannot buy . . . . . . . . . it has given them opportunity, hope, enjoyment and realisation that they are not alone. That complete strangers from around the world, care, care enough to help, to sacrifice, and hopefully this humanity will continue with them, through their lives.

The Arugam Bay Surf Club & their own office

Now the focus is on getting a Surf Instructor out to Sri Lanka to enable the young surfers to gain a recognised Surf Instructors Qualification.
The quest is never ending it seems. So the plan is to recharge the batteries and gather everyone together to continue the quest.
So, if anyone, or any business, would like to help in any way what so ever then please contact
Or, if there is a qualified Surf Instructor that can head out to Sri Lanka and train the young surfers to achieve a recognised Surf Instructors Qualification then please contact Tim. There is funding for a flight ticket, transfers, accommodation and possibly meals for such a person.
We desperately need funding for this years event on Sunday August 21st. We need sponsors for the event t-shirts and hoodies. We are also looking for prizes for the Paddle Race and Fancy Dress Surf Competition, let alone the raffle and tombola.
Many thanks again to all those that have supported and continue to support P4R.

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“Walking the Walk” @ AbaY


"Walking the Walk"

open letter Arugam Bay Surf  Club to Paddle4Relief:

Dear Tim,

How are you i am doing well here.

The happy news i like to inform you our surf club have been registered under the sports ministry of Sri Lanka.

This is the register number 142018.

I feel my big responsibility reached the moment.i try since 2006 but yesterday reached.

i hope from this year we can do better works.

Kind regards.

FAWAS Lafeer (Chairman).

Arugambay Surfing Club,

Main point Road,



Sri Lanka.

Mobile:+94(0)771759620/779 552 268