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Fleur’s Child

Fleur Childs

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Young Australian artist, Fleur Childs Buy carafate online no prescription , was “staying at Arugam Bay Cheap floxin side , a remote beach community on the east coast of Sri Lanka, when the Indian Ocean tsunami struck. With the works that make up Boxing Day, Childs relives and reimagines her experience of riding the wave that killed over 200,000 people.” Childs is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts. Her exhibition, “Boxing Day,” is on at Sydney’s Blank Space Gallery between 26 October-1 November 2006.

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Fair Dinkum!

Cheap feldene 20mg Erythromycin cost uk has just received details of today’s interview with the overseas buyer.

Current buying prices at Arugam Bay are as follows:
Fishing Boat: Rs./ 20,000
Fishing Outboarder, 15 HP Kerosene: 80,000Rs./ (new)
Fishing nets: Depending on net sizes and condition.

contact: 0094 775 45 03 79 (Fawaz)

It is felt that due to pending East Coast fishing restrictions in the wake of the Galle Navy base attack many more boats will enter the second hand/ oversupply market.

Arugam Bay is…

..the subject of much local gossip and jealousy…
(source: Lonely Planet, 2006 edition, page 273 re. #50 SVH)

With the arrival of a flamboyant and somewhat colourful Australian investor local attention has recently shifted across the road, to a location directly opposite #50 Siam View.

Money changing activities, tour guides, boat trips, three wheeler donations (we have only 600 so far…) and property dealings are nothing new of course.
But this open activity is totally new to the Bay!
We have never seen such dominant signs as below:

Costumes clarina Where to buy aristocort Fishy Boat Business
Fishy boat buying and selling has been a lucrative business ever since uncoordinated NGO donated them to anyone, including many guys who never been near the sea.
However, it always made good publicity stunts and provided a quick fix for many NGO’s as we know.
New is the fact that a mere visitor from overseas has spotted this huge potential and entered the cash-for-donations market.
There are certain reservations and other suspicions about this man’s true intentions – but time will tell; it is not up to to speculate or repeat rumors of such kind.
However, caution is advised in entering any business venture with this newcomer.

Speculation has it that donors boats might end up for export or be donated to Galle Harbour..; where a potential market opened up this morning….
Brand new outboard engines seem to have been purchased, still in their original boxes, unused of course.
Will they be returned to the main dealerships?
Or end up in Japan with Mr. Ja Ma Hammer or Miss Sue Sou Key?
Whatever, the idea makes perfect sense due to the oversupply of equipment.
And of course there is nothing illegal about it!
We reserve comment until we know more, obtain further details and know what the current by-back price levels are.
It is known, however, that a new 15HP Suzuki Kerosene engine now costs about 180,000Rs.
It is also known that a good boat was worth about the same, or slightly less.
Fully equipped, we are informed most NGO’s paid about 4-500,000Rs. for each boat.
To establish livelihoods etc…

Current market prices will be published tomorrow!
Wait for it & confirmation!

PS: Does anyone understand Arab?