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17 Nabbed at Lahugala. 15 Min. West of Arugam Bay

By U. Wijesinghe and Saman Ratnayake

17 persons were taken into custody yesterday for allegedly clearing and cultivating land belonging to the Lahugala forest reserve, a spokesman for the Lahugala Wild Life office said.

He said that ten (10) of the suspects were residents of Akkaraipattu while the other seven were from Pottuvil. Buy gyne-lotrimin

True FREE Wild life still exists @ Lahugala

A tractor belonging to the suspects had also been taken into police custody. Residents of the area had complained that various groups had cleared a large stretch of land belonging to the Lahugala forest reserve for cultivation and they called on the government to take action to stop the destruction of the forest.

Officers of the wild life offices in Lahugala and Baduluwela were involved in the operation to arrest the suspects while the Civil Defence Force provided backup. Buy nizagara tablets

Arugam Bay is getting ready to drum

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A message of Love from Arugam Bay

Bing a drum, a kettle. Or your Pot! ūüôā And join the Global Million Beats/per hr. experiment !

This Saturday, 18:30 @ AbaY Beach Front of SVH

Background and further information: Zofran price kroger

There will be people drumming all over the globe, in homes, gardens, car parks, fields and beaches, in cities and villages alike. Join us at one of the locations below or in your own home wherever you are in Sri Lanka.
Please suggest locations convenient to you which you and your friends would like to gather at on the page so others nearby can join you. All that matters is the relevant time, tempo and good vibe.
The drumming will begin on a hilltop Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay is getting ready to drum’

Viharaya bulldozing case fixed for Sept 9

Wasantha RAMANAYAKE Daily News Online The Supreme Court yesterday granted the Attorney General time to obtain instructions in respect of the rights Cheap cardizem medication

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application filed against the bulldozing of two buildings belonging to the Arugambay Samabodhi Viharaya. Senior State Counsel Lakmali Karunanayake appearing for the Attorney General moved for time to get instructions in respect of the application. The Court accordingly fixed the case for September 9. The Bench comprised Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayake, Justice K Sripavan and Justice RKS Sureshchandra. Petitioner, Samabodhi Viharaya Chief Prelate Ven. Sivuralumulle Dhammasiri Thera complained to Court that the illegal demolition of the temple was in violation of his rights as well as that of Buddhists in the area. The petitioner sought the Supreme Court to order the respondents to rebuild the destroyed buildings or in the alternative to order for compensation in Rs. 80 million. Continue reading ‘Viharaya bulldozing case fixed for Sept 9’

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka benefits from a brand new GBoard donation

The recent SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay Prazosin for sale , a success on all fronts with great waves at this new location, included an awesome goodwill gesture of a brand new GBoard being donated to the local community.

Local authorities accept the G Board from ASP Australasiaa??s Tour Manager Dane Jordan at Arugam Bay. Photo ASP Australasia

GBoards make the worlda??s best soft top surfboards, which includes learn to surf boards, beginner to intermediate boards, rescue boards, jet ski sleds and even beginner SUPa??s.

To be used primarily as a rescue aid as an increasing number of tourists visit this unique and beautiful surf location, the GBoard took no time at all to be spotted in the ocean with the one of the Cheap dipyridamole Arugam Bay Boardriders testing ita??s surfing capabilities with success on the popular mid bay shorebreak sandbank wave in the township.

a??Therea??s no doubt at all that surf tourism will now boom in this areaa?? said ASP Australasia Tour Manager Dane Jordan who officially handed the board over to the authorities.

a??With an incredibly consistent quality wave, amazing climate, superb beaches, a variety of accommodation options, wild life, great food , beautiful people and culture along with the place being great value for money the region will flourish.a?? Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay Sri Lanka benefits from a brand new GBoard donation’


Tourist Police PR Clip (Thai, not Arugambay!)

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Arugam Bay is situated 320km due East of the Capital, Colombo.
Across the Indian Ocean, the next piece of land you come to is Thailand.
Exactly 2,000km due East, on the other side A?of the growing Tourist Resort of Arugam Bay. A VERY popular Tourist destination.
Not directly related to AbaY, but interesting to see how our Thai “Competitors” deal with public relations of their highly disciplined, multilingual Tourist Police Force.
Take one look at one of their Video clips and decide how much Sri Lanka might have to catch up with modern approaches.

We feel, that it’s always good to look around. In this case just ‘Across’ A?to see if we can learn anything from our Co-Players in the Tourist field….., right?

Wild elephant cause of A4 main road accident

Accident scene located on A4 main road 30 Minutes West of Arugam Bay

By U Wijesinghe Imuran brand vs generic Buy clarinex d online

The ambulance of the Lahugala rural hospital ran off the road and crashed into a wayside tree causing injuries to a doctor and five others travelling in the vehicle and extensive damage to the ambulance itself.

Wild Elephant on road. File photo

The ambulance was on its way back after transferring a patient in critical condition to the Moneragala General Hospital.

A male nurse and an attendant of the Lahugala hospital, a relative of the patient, and the ambulance driver were among the injured. They were admitted to Siyambalanduwa Base Hospital from where four were transferred to Moneragala General Hospital. The driver said he lost control of the vehicle in his attempt to avoid a wild elephant that was standing on the road. Potuvil police are conducting inquires into the incident.


Kebilitta, Arugam Bay And Kumana

Over the last weekend I visited the Eastern Province with a group of friends. Having left Colombo at 4.00 in the morning, after almost a seven hour journey, we reached our destination; Arugam Bay.

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"Arugam Bay"

By KanchanaA?Ratwatte
The closest access to this much sought-after surfing beach of Sri Lanka is via Ratnapura, Uda Walawe, Wellawaya, Monaragala, Siyambalanduwa and Pottuvil. While on the way, passing Uda Walawe and Lahugala, we did see quite a few elephants. The road network as in the case of all main roads in the Eastern Province, was well laid out with a new carpet and the drive was one great experience.
As we entered the bustling township, the first observation was the number of tourists that had gathered for the internationally publicized surfing festival which had concluded the previous weekend. Continue reading ‘Kebilitta, Arugam Bay And Kumana’


Protest against destruction at Arugam Bay temple

Buddhist monks and people of the area staged a protest today (Aug 02) against the recent destruction of several buildings of Samabodhi Vihara in Sinequan buy online How much plaquenil cost Arugam Bay.

Protest on the PottuVille side of Arugam Bay bridge

A certain group, aided by Pottuvil Police, had reportedly used bulldozers and razed the buildings 10 days ago, alleges chief incumbent Ven. Sivurumulle Dhammasiri Thera.

Meeting the protestors this morning, DIG R.M. Weerasuriya promised to apprehend the culprits within three days and to renovate the destroyed buildings. Continue reading ‘Protest against destruction at Arugam Bay temple’

Surfs up in Arugam Bay

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By David Stephens
For several years Arugam Bay and the surrounding town of Pottuvil found their development strangled by the turbulence of a bitter civil conflict as well as the carnage of a devastating Tsunami. Now with both tragedies buried in its past, the area is gradually becoming one of the worlda??s premier surfing destinations.

There was ample evidence to support this claim when Arugam Baya??s strong waves played host to the Sri Lanka Airlines Pro Surf event last week. The week long tournament drew in some of the worlda??s best known surfers from countries as far flung as South Africa, UK, USA and Hawaii. The event organizers, The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), had previously held the competition in the Maldives but had always eyed Arugam Bay as a potential location.

a??We were waiting to hold this event here for a very long time, but the war was a major obstacle. Now that ita??s over, and after seeing what a success this tournament has become, we plan on bringing it to Buy antabuse online canada Arugam Bay annually,a?? ASP Australasia Tour Manager, Dane Jordan explains. Continue reading ‘Surfs up in Arugam Bay’

Arugam’s parking spaces ….

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Empower the people and make them self reliant
by R.M.B Senanayake

……… (Extract) … Can they exercise power in the present centralized environment? Read the reports of proceedings of the Pradesiya Sabhas in the Lakbima. There was an interesting article on the Arugam Bay resort which lacks latrines, water, no covered shelters and central parking space for the thousands of tourists both local and foreign.

The Chairman of the Pottuvil Buy aldactone cheap Pradesiya Sabha was asked about them. He said he had applied to the central government for a piece of land to provide such facilities and would do so when he gets it. Continue reading ‘Arugam’s parking spaces ….’

Arugam Bay. A little less India

Arugam Bay after the Tsunami? Hi Everybody! IA?d like to travell to Arugam Bay in August . I know that the surf is as good as ever but I am worrying about the atmosphere in the town after the Tsunami. I am sure a lot of houses are getting rebuilt right now – so maybe itA?s not a good place right now to have a relaxed hangout…!?! Has anybody of you guys been there lately? Cheers, Marco notified to only today, 7th June, Purchase deltasone taper

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2010 by:



Could you tell us about the Arugam Bay Tourist Association? What is its role in promoting tourism in Arugam Bay?

Mr.M A H Rahim

Regarded as one of the best surfing destinations in the world, Arugam Bay is increasingly attracting both local and foreign visitors to its shores. Plans are now underway to develop a quaint village, located in Pottuvil in the Ampara District to offer enhanced services and facilities to the tourists. However, M H A Raheem, Chairman of the Arugam Bay Tourist Association, believes that such plans could have drastic consequences if they fail to take into account and protect the local community and the natural assets of Arugam Bay.

By Madhushala Senaratne | Photography by Mahesh Bandara Price for cytoxan

Lengthy Interview with Mr. M H A Rahim. Read the full text:

The tourism industry was destroyed as a result of the tsunami and the community did not know what to do. Thus, we got together and formed a small team to work with the NGOs who were coming into support Arugam Bay. For example, when the USAID Mission Director came to Arugam Bay following the tsunami, they were committed to implement any major project in the area and inquired into our needs. Although many asked for funds, the Association had the foresight to request that they build roads, bridges and water schemes. Consequently, they constructed a bridge and a water tank for the area.
When we started this Association, we had only 15 members. Gradually, it has evolved into a larger umbrella organisation for tourism in Arugam Bay. Currently, we have nearly 16 societies working together, including the Farmer’s Organisation, the women development societies, Pre-School societies and the Cattle Farm Association. In turn, we are working with all the government and local authorities, Tourism Ministry and NGOs. Continue reading ‘ARUGAM BAY SURFING INTO THE FUTURE’

2010: The STF adds to the Natural Beauty of Arugam Bay

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Buy bupropion hcl 100mg This year, 2010, the security forces had more time for truly peaceful and also very beautiful activities.
At nearbyA?Arugam Bay camp, just across the bridge to PottuVille, the Armed Forces staged A?a lovely competition between the various local camps:
Who’s Vesak lights display was to be the best, most elaborate one?

Best Vesak display at Arugam Bay camp

Here you see a very large one with imaginative motion action and intricate, beautiful small details added to the colourful display.
(STF = Special Task Force. An elite branch of the Sri Lanka Police)
A video clip showing full movements can bee seen on our Facebook site “Arugam Surf” as it was too large a file to upload here.
(See and click on the direct link below, bottom of this front page)
Below are sample photo impressions of most other displays, submitted by A?various camps around Arugam Bay:


Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay

Top selling Mexican beers to be produced in Eastern Sri Lanka
(CORONA is slightly less popular since end 2019)


Corona (Corona Extra) is a brand of pale lager owned and produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. It is the top-selling beer in Mexico and is one of the top selling beers worldwide.[2] Corona beer is available in over 150 countries. All  Corona beer is brewed and bottled in one of 7 Modelo Breweries in Mexico.
So far, pre 2019…

Corona Extra. The Mexican top selling beer

Outside of Mexico, Corona is to be slightly renamed and will be produced in a new brewery to be constructed at Arugam Bay. A world famous Surf spot and upcoming tourist resort situated in the deep South East of remote Sri Lanka.

To distinguish the new Sri Lanka Export product from the original Mexican label, and in recognition and celebration of local achievements following the end of the long ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, the following brand name has been proposed:

Caruna Extra. Export to Asian markets only

For this purpose the Mexican global leaders have teamed up with the award winning, but widely unknown¬†Arugam Bay Surfer’s Beer label under an agreement with the Sri Lanka Government and its Board of Investment Authority.

Cerveceria Modelo’s chairman Senioria Condolenzza Gogonzola stated that the Company has welcomed branching out to new markets in the East.
Corona is a traditional Cult Beer favored by young, active people and is popular with modern party people.
As world economies are shifting to India, China and Russia it makes no longer sense to ship containers of beer half way around the globe. Continue reading ‘Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay’


Germans “can now” visit Arugam Bay

The German tourists can now visit tourist landmarks in the Eastern Province such as Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Ampara and Pathos maxalto price Arugam Bay as Germany has eased its travel advisory further.

German Ambassador Jens Ploetner, just back from an Eastern tour of tour states that the East has its own charm and has vast tourist potential yet to be tapped.

German Ambassador to Sri Lanka. Herr Jens Ploetner

“Following extensive travel in the Eastern Province we have discovered that no specific security threat exists Buy duetact takeda for tourists anymore,” he commented and added that he witnessed large-scale ongoing infrastructure development work. However, the economic conditions of many residents especially of former IDPs still remain bleak, Ambassador Ploetner stated.

“I hope development of tourist-industry in the Province will create new job opportunities substantially.”

Making an observation of the overall increase of foreign travel to Sri Lanka Ambassador Ploetner said “the numbers of German tourists have increased over 50 percent in comparison with last year. This no doubt is due to the dawn of peace. I am hopeful that Sri Lanka could once again be a prime destination for German tourists.”